Western US High School Championships

The inaugural Western US High School Championships were held in March 2020 at Mammoth Mountain. States in attendance included California, Nevada, Oregon, and Wyoming. The goal is to bring together the top High School racers in the Western Half of the United States to compete for their State in a Championship format event, participating in GS and SL. This event is a US Ski and Snowboard Sanctioned, Non-Scored, event. 


Congratulations to the 2023 Western US HS Champions
1st Team Colorado
2nd Team Minnesota
3rd Team Oregon

Final Results book can be downloaded here!

Western US HS Championships Wrap Up Video
by Robin Cressy


Team Colorado
1st Place

Team Minnesota
2nd Place
Team Oregon
3rd Place


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Questions can go through your state coordinator first and second [email protected]  

We look forward to seeing everyone March 2024!

Event requirements:

  1. All racers must hold one of the following US Ski and Snowboard memberships: Alpine Non-Scored Athlete (AS), Short Term Alpine (STA) if under 18 years of age, or Alpine Competitor U16 and Older (AC U16). Memberships can be obtained at www.usskiandsnowboard.org  
  2. All coaches must hold a US Ski and Snowboard Coaches membership (can take up to two weeks to pass all background and Safesport requirements). Memberships can be obtained at www.usskiandsnowboard.org  
  3. Helmets: All helmets must be FIS approved, no exception
  4. Skis must meet US Ski and Snowboard equipment rules
  5. Team size is 12 men and 12 women. Top 6 finishers of each run count for the team score (this allows DNF or DSQ first run to get a 2nd chance to potentially score points for their team). Combined times count towards individual standings.
  6. Awards: Top 3 Men’s Teams, Top 3 Women’s Teams, Top 3 Combined Teams, Top 5 for men GS, Top 5 for men SL, Top 5 for women GS, Top 5 for women SL
  7. State Team entries are due by Monday, March 7, 2022 on master team excel.

Illinois - hopefully for 2023
Minnesota -
Nevada - 2 leagues


2022 Champs Hosted by Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe
Mens GS Womens GS
Mens SL Womens SL
Overall Team Results   2022
Team Scoring Break Down
Men GS Run 1 Womens GS Run 1 Men GS Run 2 Womens GS Run 2
Men SL Run 1 Womens SL Run 1 Men SL Run 2 Womens SL Run 2

2020 Host - Mammoth Mountain
2020 Team Results
2020 Mens GS Results
2020 Womens GS Results
2020 Slalom races were cancelled due to weather.