Our Mission

  • Promote participation and enthusiasm in alpine competition in the Far West from entry level, club level and elite level to retain competitors and support skiing as a lifelong sport.
  • Provide financial support to athletes, coaches and development projects.
  • Not benefit or serve the needs of any particular competitor or ski program, but rather strives to sanction fairly run competitive programs for the benefit of all of its members.
  • Maintain a structure that will support the needs of Far West clubs, athletes, coaches, officials and general membership.
  • Promote the skiing development of young athletes from all clubs in the Far West with the objective of winning races at all levels.
GS 2021 WR Champs

Far West Skiing Administration

The Far West Skiing Board of Directors (FWBOD) is responsible for conducting and overseeing the business of Far West Skiing. The administration of alpine competition in the Far West is the responsibility of the Far West Skiing Alpine Competition Committee (FWS ACC). The Alpine Competition Committee (ACC) is a committee of Far West Skiing and as such reports to the FWBOD. Various subcommittees of the FWS ACC, each headed by a chairperson, actively oversee the different competition areas. The subcommittees work out proposals and policies, which are discussed and fine-tuned by the FWS ACC for presentation and approval by the FWS FWBOD.

The FWS ACC and FWBOD meet at least four times a year. Each year these groups will evaluate the Far West Skiing Alpine Policies and Procedures Manual and propose changes for the following season. Once approved by the FWBOD and Far West ACC, the Far West Skiing Alpine Policies and Procedures Competition Manual and its rules will take effect in the fall; no changes to the manual or the rules contained in it will occur during the competition season.

Programs in the Far West are designed and implemented by an active volunteer organization of dedicated and knowledgeable people. Further, the Far West has input to Regional and National programs and policies through representatives on the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Board of Directors, the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Alpine Sport Committee, the WR Alpine Competition Committee and its various subcommittees and working groups.

FWS maintains an eleven month office to support the needs of Far West competitors, coaches, officials, volunteers and clubs. The FWS office coordinates Far West issues, such as: dissemination of information to clubs and programs regarding race schedules, racer qualification, selection to traveling teams, coaches’ and officials’ clinics; support of FWS ACC and FWBOD; FW traveling team arrangements; Far West Ski Team, Far West website, financial records, fundraising, etc.

For a detailed list of the responsibilities of the FWS office and the U.S. Ski & Snowboard/Western Region (USSA/WR) office, refer to the Who to Contact For What listing on the Far West Website.