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Far West Skiing recognizes the Student Athlete for maintaining high standards both in the classroom and on the hill. Today we take a moment to congratulate the following 79 athletes on their 2020 spring academic sucesses. Each of these athletes have earned a 3.5 GPA or higher during the Spring 2020 as a U16 or older competitor. From being on the road for racing to successfully navigating distance learning, we congratulate you!

First Last School
Neave* Anderson Mater Dei High School
Jasmine Arrison Sugar Bowl Academy
Eric* Ashkarian Mira Costa High School
Kacey* Benjaminson Cold Stream Alternative
Zachary Bower Sugar Bowl Academy
Taylor* Brook North Tahoe High School
Gregoire Brougher The Nueva School
Samantha* Clays Big Bear High School
Sarah Cole Bullard High
Cameron* Crus Forest Charter School
Cayla Cushard Laurel Springs School
Thomas* Denton Galena High School
Shona Flake Sugar Bowl Academy
Laura* Fligor Sugar Bowl Academy
Jordan* Flood Sugar Bowl Academy
William* Franklin Sugar Bowl Academy
Toby* Gajar North Tahoe High School
Freya* Grant Northgate High School
Bobbi Jo Griffin Loyalton High School
Amber* Hansford Forest Charter School
Brooke* Hansford Forest Charter School
Ryan* Herhusky Sugar Bowl Academy
Caleb* Horsch Sugar Bowl Academy
Meghan* Hughes Forest Charter School
Ruby* Hutchinson Swope Middle School
Amelia* Jones Sugar Bowl Academy
Renner* Jones North Tahoe High School
Andrew* Joy Bishop Manogue Catholic High School
Sierra* Kim San Mateo High School
Jack* Lackey Mammoth High School
Abigail Larrabee Sugar Bowl Academy
David Lawrence Washoe County School District
Quentin* LeFrancois Mammoth High School
Caedon* Legarza North Tahoe High School
Rhett* Lindsey North Tahoe High School
Erica* Lynch Mammoth High School
Cody* Masterson Sugar Bowl Academy
Aspen* McAuley Sugar Bowl Academy
Marian* McDaniel Granite Bay High School
Allison* Mollin US Performance Academy
David Morken North Tahoe High School
Ashley Nakazato Monte Vista High School
Finn O'Brien Menlo -Atherton High School
Samantha O'Neill Sugar Bowl Academy
Charles Pantelick Marin Academy
Carson* Parco Sugar Bowl Academy
Zackary* Parsons Sugar Bowl Academy
Aidan* Peterson Forest Charter School
Maxwell Potterton Piedmont High School
Logan* Reeves Sage Ridge High School
Brenna* Ritchie North Tahoe High School
Emmett* Roberts North Tahoe High School
Luca* Robillard Sugar Bowl Academy
Jason Roth Truckee High School
Jackson Sanford North Tahoe High School
Gregory Shklovski BASIS Independednt Silicon Valley
Sophia* Sosnkowski Sugar Bowl Academy
Emma* Spillman Truckee High School
Josef Standteiner Truckee High School
Zackary* Staudenmayer Sugar Bowl Academy
Lauren Stendell Sugar Bowl Academy
Kai* Subith Sugar Bowl Academy
Kestrel Sullivan Sugar Bowl Academy
Catherine Taylor The Marin School
Savannah* Taylor Clark Ed W High School
Evelyn* Tebb Forest Charter School
Mary* Teti Sugar Bowl Academy
William* Thomas Charter Connections Academy
Tatiana* Tobolkova Lake Tahoe Preparatory School
Teagan* Turner Sugar Bowl Academy
Grace Venverloh Sacred Heart Schools
Madelyn* Welling North Tahoe High School
Laurel* Wight Mammoth High School
Jake* Wilson Galena High School
Ciara* Wing Forest Charter School
Benjamin*  Wolfe Mammoth High School
Maya* Wong North Tahoe High School
Holden* Woodruff Bishop Manogue Catholic High School
Kaelin* Woodruff Sugar Bowl Academy
*denotes 4.0 for Spring Semester

We encourage all Far West Skiing Alpine athletes 13-20 years old to apply.  Scholarships are awarded based on a combination of (and in order of importance) exemplary work ethic, academic scholarship, citizenship, financial need, and race results. Applications are due October 12th 2020. Award winners will be announced in late November.  Funds are then placed into racers’ accounts from which they may draw upon during the season for racing expenses.  In return for funding, the Masters ask that recipients forerun one of their races and speak at an awards ceremony.  The experience has proven to be quite fun as it allows a junior athlete to show off their stuff and to thank the Masters in person for their support.  Your participation by speaking and selling raffle tickets at our awards parties is an important contribution to our fund-raising efforts and it helps to teach about “giving back”.  

Even with the uncertainties due to the pandemic with what will happen in the upcoming ski season, we plan to go forward with this program. We will be flexible with regards to funding and athlete requirements based on the expected updates of schedules and programs. 

As always, it is an honor to receive applications from such a great group of athletes.

Thank you in advance for applying.
Eddie Mozen, Chairman Masters Scholarship Fund

Link to Online Application, preferred method.

Link to paper application. This will require mailing in your application.

Please note that these updates apply to different age classes. If an announcement is age class specific it is noted at the beginning of the item.

1. All schedules are updated and posted on each age class page. Note that all locations and dates are provisional until teh Fall when resorts can evaluate and approve ski racing at their venues during the 20-21 season.

2. New New New:  FIS and US Ski and Snowboard has banned  all fluoronated wax for all athletes.

3. (U14 and under) Passed by US Ski and Snowboard: Application of any type of waxing solution must not be applied at any U14 and under competition race arena. Use of ski preparation benches at any U14 and under competition is not allowed in the race arena.

4. (U12 and under) Passed updated language by US Ski and Snowboard: U12 and younger competitors must use only one pair of skis within the race arena. Parents, coaches or technicians are not allowed to furnish additional pairs of skis for use within the race arena. Non-compliance may results in NPS or depending on circumstances, DSQ. 
This rule applies to all age classes of Tahoe Race Series.

5. (U16 and older) Far West Academic Team: The Far West Academic Team recognizes U16's through Seniors from this past season (19-20), whose GPA for the Spring Semester was a 3.5 or better. The athletes must have been registered as a U16+ Far West athlete during this time. Athletes are invited to send a legible copy of the Spring Report Card to teh FWS office by September 15th in order to be named to the FWS Academic Team. Late applicants are not accepted.

6.  Scholarship announcements will be posted on the FWS website as received so please check back often.

7. (FIS athletes): The Health of Sport Committee has recommended the following:
    No FIS Racing in the Southern Hemisphere for first year FIS athletes
    Start limitations: 25 SL and GS for YOB 05-06; 35 SL and GS for YOB 04

8. Officials: TD updates are now required annually. Fall Convention is scheduled for November 6-8th.

9. Far West Ski Team Criteria can be found by clicking here

10. Far West PACE Team Criteria can be found by clicking here

The Far West Skiing Office is closed during July. Have a great Summer and stay healthy.





On Monday, June 8, US Ski and Snowboarde posted a letter from our CEO and President, Tiger Shaw, sharing how U.S. Ski & Snowboard was taking steps to develop a more inclusive and diverse community within the snowsports industry. 

Being open to different voices and taking the time to listen is our first step. One voice we’d like to share with you is African American Alpine Ski Coach Charles “Chuck” Harris. Chuck reached out to Tiger after reading the letter on our website, with his own letter. Chuck called us out, called Tiger out, and asked us to take a deep and critical look at ourselves. This lead to an extended conversation between Chuck and Tiger and will be the beginning of a productive, lasting relationship committed to affecting real change in creating more diversity in skiing and riding.

We recognize that as an organization we are not leaders on the subject of racial diversity. But our platform is large and so we are humbled and honored to share Chuck’s voice with our community and beyond. 


TItle: Open Letter on Diversity in Our Sport

Mr. Shaw,

First I am a African American Alpine Ski Coach. 

I read your post on the USSA website regarding diversity. I must say you have a lot of work to do. I have been in and around the sport of ski racing for a great many years. I wonder if you actually realize how hard it is going to be to change the culture of our sport and the cities and towns where it resides. It will NOT be easy and it will be resisted. A lot of that resistance will not be overt but it will be there.

First let me address what you and the leadership of USSA know or don’t know. Do you know how many athletes of color are members of USSA? Do you know how many coaches of color are in USSA? How many alpine officials of color are members of USSA? How many people of color are in leadership positions in member clubs? If you have to scramble to find the answer or call over to membership, that is part of the problem. If membership doesn’t know that is an even bigger problem. Because that means it wasn’t important for you to know. In the time I have been here in the Far West (since 1994) I never once have seen the CEO at a divisional race. I would hope at some time the leader of US Ski and Snowboard would head out and see what goes on in this sport. If you want to change things you and the leadership need to get out to where things are happening at the ground level and listen without reservation. Yes you (USSA) did do the survey regarding women in the sport and yes women in this sport get treated very poorly by many of the men. I have often told some of my female colleagues “female is the new black.” You can take most of the negative comments regarding black people from 40 years ago, remove the slur for black and insert female or other slur. It’s the same degrading comment. The only thing that changed was the gender. Yet that same survey left me feeling that I and people that look like me in this sport are not important.

My involvement in Alpine Ski racing and the ski industry has given me some of the greatest moments of my life. There is something magical about alpine racing. Something pure. Athlete, mountain, clock. No judges it is fair down to its core. No judges no opinion, fastest time wins. Skiing has taken me to Europe and South America. It has made me not only bi-lingual but given me an extended family outside the US. My Grandmother was born in S. Carolina in 1885. 20 years after the Civil War. A woman with more grace and dignity despite what she faced in the world than I will ever have. For her skiing was like travelling to the moon. It was not even in the realm of the possible. Black people simply did not ski. For me 3 generations later to be a professional alpine coach speaks to my family's journey. One of the greatest moments for my family my mom and my aunts and cousins was seeing me march in opening ceremonies at the Olympic games. For my mother that was the culmination of a dream that took over 100 years of hard work. I wish my dad had been still alive to see it. But then it leads to the other question why am I the only one? Why after all these years are there so few that look like me?

Skiing has also produced moments of blinding rage. Rage that I have to choke down because reacting would only have negative repercussions for me in the long run. I can’t afford to be mad. I can’t allow myself to react. I ask you this. Have you ever been afraid of travelling to any community for a ski event? I have. Have you ever worried that you might reserve a hotel room and when you arrive it suddenly magically wouldn’t be available? That has happened to me. There are places I have had to go to in this industry where I order take out and stay in my room because I don’t feel safe in that community. In many cases if I do go out I only go in groups of other coaches that I know. Getting into an altercation with the locals or the local police would only serve to damage myself, my program and my athletes. In order for me to be able to move forward in my career I cannot fight back. Have you ever been pulled over by the police, had your truck searched, emptied onto the sidewalk and then been left there? The phrase “I have rights” never comes out of my mouth.  That would in most cases result in a night in jail and me not being on the hill the next day to do my job. How do you think I felt when I purchased a hot chocolate and coffee at a ski resort during a FIS race and looked at my receipt and it said “Ghetto Mocha”. After getting the Olympic coaching job from the Argentine Federation I had a parent say to me ”How did you luck into that job?” I just bit my tongue and replied ”I did the work”. All the work, study and years I put in to be awarded no earn that level of trust, taken down to “He must be lucky” You have to wonder why it is that at times I have felt more respected and welcome in Argentina than in my birth country. The same feeling my father had upon returning from Europe after World War 2.

There are many challenges facing people of color in our sport. For most of us professional involvement means that we will not be living and working in a location where there are many people that look like us. In some cases the Resort or club can be a warm welcoming place but the community not so much. Add to that factor that most ski towns do not have large populations of color to draw employees from. We are also in an arms race in this and other sports. There are parents with the “Country Club” mentality who will spend large sums of money on their child. That gives the impression that someone of modest means cannot afford to compete and that drives away talent. Because talent and inclusion is not what they want in the sport.

I would suggest you first find out who, and where we people of color are in this sport. Maybe reach out to Forrest Kingshaw, Schone Malliot, Eric Smith, Andre Horton, or myself. You will never know or maybe even understand what it’s like to be us. But at least you might get some guidance and perspective. The change we need in our country, society, and our sport will not be brought about by people of color. It can’t. We have been waiting for that change after how many repeated injustices. It will only happen when the rest of you say enough, we will not do this, we will not allow this anymore.

We have come to a crossroads here in the US. A fire is raging, a fire that was started by over 200 years of kindling. A few years ago after another incident of a police stop gone horribly wrong, one of my athletes asked me a question. This child looked at me and said “Stuff like that doesn’t happen to you coach?” I could see the look in his eyes when I told him “yes it has happened to me.” It gave me hope for our futures. I could see that he saw the injustice in it.  I could see that that type of injustice just touched home for him. A child KNEW it was wrong. And it broke my heart that I had to be the one to reveal that fact of life to him.


Charles A. Harris

Coach lvl 400, TD 4, Ref 4, CO 4, Instructor National de Argentina (4)

Head Mens Speed Coach Argentina Olympic Team 2002

USSA Clinic Leader

Photo by Max Hall
Photo Credit: Max Hall


The role of the FWBOD is to direct and oversee the administrative and operating functions of Far West Skiing. The FWBOD is responsible for conducting the business of FWS. The FWBOD, in meeting the rules of U.S. Ski & Snowboard, has responsibility to:

  1. Provide support in interpreting U.S. Ski & Snowboard parameters.
  2. Provide administrative support for FWS financial and functional needs.

Elected members to the Far West Skiing Board of Directors must be members in good standing with US Ski and Snowboard. Any interested party in one of the open positions below will need to submit a letter of interest and a bio, including background, and qualifications for this position.  Please submit letters of Interest by August 1, 2020.

At this time the Far West Board has the following seats open:
North Rep:
Because of its large geographical size, FWS is divided into three subdivisions, North, Central and South. These FWBOD positions represent the interests of the three subdivisions. FWBOD members holding these seats assume additional duties as may be necessary or assigned by the FWBOD or President.

Athlete Rep
The FWBOD maintains two athlete representatives at all times. The duties of the athlete reps are to bring forth athlete issues, insight and communication between the board and ski racing community. At least one athlete representative must be a current competing athlete.

Communications Chair
Under the direct supervision of the FW Executive Board and in coordination with the current administrator, the Communications & Public Relations Officer has the following responsibilities.

  1. To be responsible for setting annual communication targets, contributing to, and monitoring of their implementation through all realms of media; 
  2. produce and disseminate materials for communicating information about Far West and its programs;
  3. coordinate the content of press releases and outreach communications; and
  4. maintain updated photo library and database of media related contacts;
  5. To report on the progress of the communication work plan including the coordination of the delivery of its outputs;
  6. With direction and consultation for the FWBOD, the President of Far West should be the primary spokesperson at conferences, seminars and other media and or policy events. The CPRC will act as a back in cases where appropriate and directed by the FWBOD;  
  7. To review and monitor on progress of outreach opportunities and take appropriate follow up actions;
  8. Contribute to the planning of and arrangements for FW events, in particular regarding the design and production of printed and marketing materials;
  9. Carry out any duties assigned by the Executive Board.

Fundraising Chair
This position is charged with seeking to raise funds for FWS. The Fundraising Chair develops and implements a program of corporate and/or individual sponsorships of FWS activities, plans and carries out other fundraising activities, and/or other projects or events as requested by the FWBOD, including marketing, advertising and outreach.

The Top 4 Men and Women from the California Challenge Series (U14) and Wild West Series (U16) overall standings are selected. The team is posted on the Far West Site and is a recognition only team as upcoming athletes to watch.

Congratulations to the following U14 and U16 Development Team Members:

U14 Development Team
1 Kelly, Lylah   1 Schrady, Jack
2 Beckwith, Tyne   2 Hudson, Eric McCoy
3 Akers, Tatum   3 Buchanan, Jake
4 Vieara-McCarthy, Madison   4 Whelan, Oscar
U16 Development Team
1 Hamilton, Carly   1 Staudenmayer, Zack
2 Mollin, Allison   2 Franklin, William
3 Stendell, Lauren   3 Pantelick, Charlie
4 Cushard, Cayla   4 Subith, Kai

The Grand Prix series is scored for U19’s as a series to qualify for scholarships to be used for the following season. The places are determined by adding up the total World Cup Points earned during ALL the races listed in the Grand Prix series for that season. Each race is scored by separating the field by gender into U19 classes. Foreign, out of division, current USST and U16 participants in each race are removed and results are sorted by class prior to assigning WCP’s for each race. Athletes must have competed in at least half of the contested Grand Prix races in order to qualify for the scholarships.

Scholarships are available for use during the 20-21 competition season. Congrat!

          1st place – U19 men/women     $1800 Scholarship       Evan Lear                  Ella Freeman

          2nd place – U19 men/women    $900 Scholarship         Caleb Horsch            Kaelin Woodruff

          3rd place – U19 men/women     $600 Scholarship        Theo Forget               Kestrel Sullivan

U10 Rasmussen Cup   U12 Poulson Cup
1st Squaw Valley Ski Team   1st Squaw Valley Ski Team
2nd  Sugar Bowl Ski Team   2nd  Sugar Bowl Ski Team
3rd Northstar Ski Team   3rd Kirkwood Ski Team
U14 Alex Cushing Cup   U16 Wild West  Cup
1st Squaw Valley Ski Team   1st Sugar Bowl Ski Team
2nd  Sugar Bowl Ski Team   2nd  Squaw Valley Ski Team
3rd Mammoth Mountain Ski Team   3rd Mammoth Mountain Ski Team


Far West Ski Association Athletic Scholarship Program


Far West Ski Association would like to announce that it is now accepting applications for athletic scholarships for the 2020-2021 season. The purpose of the scholarship program is to assist junior USSA alpine racers (2nd-year U16 to U21) in the funding of their racing endeavors. Individuals are selected on the basis of financial need, athletic performance, academics, and community service. Scholarships range from $750 to $1,500 per year. Applications are due by June 30, 2020 and awarded by September 30, 2020 and can be found by visiting our website at www.fwsa.org. Click on Member Corner/ Programs/ Athletic Scholarship/2020-2021 Application or contact David Krupp, Program Chair at 310-925-4143.

Congratulations to the Wild West Winners for the 2020 Season
Click here for Wild West Standings


PL Name Club   PL Name Club
1 Hamilton, Carly SVST   1 Staudenmayer, Zack SBSTA
2 Mollin, Allison SVST   2 Franklin, William SBSTA
3 Stendell, Lauren SBSTA   3 Pantelick, Charlie SBSTA

Congratulations to the 2020 California Challenge Series Champions
For Standings Click Here

  U14 Girls         U14 Boys  
  California Challenge Series         California Challenge Series  
1 Kelly, Lylah SVST     1 Schrady, Jack SBSTA
2 Beckwith, Tyne SVST     2 Hudson, Eric McCoy SVST
3 Akers, Tatum SVST     3 Buchanan, Jake SVST
4 Vieara-McCarthy, Madison SBSTA     4 Whelan, Oscar SVST
5 Hallstein, Sophia SVST     5 Standteiner, Florian SVST
6 Ellingford, Autumn SVST     6 McConnell, Jake MMST
7 Wilkison, Piper MMST     7 Ilano, Prince SVST
8 Roberts, Esme SVST     8 Ottosson, Carl SBSTA
9 Hodous, Meredith NSST     9 Brook, Landon SVST
10 Clute, Regan SVST     10 Mercer, Mckinley SVST

This morning lets be inspired by Kasten Grimm from Sandpoint, ID. Kasten has provided me the ok to share this with all of you as his view as a 13 year old racer in this crazy time! Thank you Kasten
Click here to play video

Congratulations 2020 U12 Champions
For Full Standing Click Here

  U12 North Boys       U12 North Girls  
1 Vankirk, Kash KSEF   1 Huml, Lara SBSTA
2 Rusek, Peter SVST   2 Wilson, Olive SVST
3 Vannini, Luca NSST   3 Ehrman, Caroline KSEF
4 Ferguson, Charles MMST   4 Jones, Addison NSST
5 Peterson, Luca SVST   5 Kelly, Kennedy SVST
6 Socolean, Adam Jake NSST   6 Koenig, Addison MMST
7 Colon, Liam SBSTA   7 Crus, Chaise SVST
8 Toudjarski, Martin KSEF   8 Milne, Samantha SVST
9 Day, Neils SVST   9 Hanley, Brynn SVST
10 Ayers, Mason SBSTA   10 Byrnes, Chloe NSST
11 O'Neill, Dylan Jake SBSTA   11 Bergstrand-Toole, Ava SVST
12 Griffith, Fritz MMST   12 Wallach, Rory AMST
13 Turnbull, Blaise KSEF   13 Jones, Molly AMST
14 Broman, Sawyer KSEF   14 Rose, Juniper AMST
15 Swanson, Luke KSEF   15 Gwin, Addison SVST
  Central U12 Boys       Central U12 Girls  
1 Klaje, Bobby DRRT   1 Liu, Iona DRRT
2 Fromm, Malekai DRRT   2 Johnson, Pearl YWC
3 Donnelly, Logan CPRT   3 Mehta, Ellora DRRT
4 Alfaro, Jett CPRT   4 Smith, Yana DRRT
5 Johnson, Grant BVSEF   5 Howo-Lewis, Kiriko CPRT
  South U12 Boys       South U12 Girls  
1 Salinas, Jax SSRT   1 Crick, Beatrice SSRT
2 Capek, Matej SSRT   2 Clays, Addyson SSRT
3 Tieman, Gavin SSRT   3 Donaldson, Persa SSRT
4 Roberts, Jesse SSRT   4 Melnick, Abby SSRT
5 Wood, Daxton SSRT   5 Jackson, Piper SSRT

Congratulations to the 2020 U10 Champions
For full standings please click here

  U10 North Series Boys       U10 North Series Girls  
1 Vannini, Enzo SVST   1 Walker, Thaleya DPST
2 Kinsman, Asher SVST   2 Ayers, Meila SBSTA
3 Gray, Landon SBSTA   3 Jarvis, Senna NSST
4 Barber, Walker NSST   4 James, Ashlyn DPST
4 Park, Gabriel SVST   5 Attolico, Lila SVST
6 Vanderhurst, Gabriel MMST   6 Wilson, Ivy SVST
7 Seymour, Owen KSEF   7 Knight, Jadyn NSST
8 Ledesma, Hayden MMST   8 Homsy, Leah SVST
9 Gilmour, Cree NSST   9 Kung, Chang-Yi SBSTA
10 Byrnes, Colton NSST   10 Jowers, Gabrilla SVST
11 Sidore, Austin SBSTA   11 Tomaier, Sara MMST
12 Rhodes, Chet NSST   12 Wang, Lynnmarie SBSTA
13 Silvera, Marco MMST   13 Quinn, Kinley SVST
14 Dallas, Dominic SBSTA   14 Axelbaum, Cameron SVST
15 Gazarian, Andre MMST   15 Byrnes, Cali NSST
  U10 Central Series Boys       U10 Central Girls  
1 Cedar, Kane CPRT   1 Gluchowski, Olivia BVSEF
2 Fowler, Peter BVSEF   2 Ferguson, Savannah CPRT
3 Fry, Brendan BVSEF   3 Shawkey, Emma BVSEF
4 Fowler, Luke BVSEF   4 Owensby, Lola CPRT
5 Busick, Brady BVSEF   5 Miles, Lois BVSEF
  U10 South Series Boys       U10 South Girls  
1 Delandtsheer, Mason SSRT   1 Schwede, Cameron SSRT
2 Crick, Ashley SSRT   2 Roberts, Jane SSRT
3 Shakiba, Shaya TMH   3 Robinson, Dylan SSRT
4 Theo, Goodman SSRT   4 Royce, Brooke SSRT
5 Mirrafati, Matin TMH   5 Delandtsheer, Brooke SSRT

In our new world we will be announcing each age class overall season winners via our website and trophies will be sent out over the next few weeks.

Congratulations to this years Overall Tahoe Race Series Winners.

For full standings please click here.

  U8 Boys       U8 Girls  
1 Schwall, Clark SBSTA   1 Jarvis, Emerson NSST
2 Kinsman, Ari AMST   2 Kamp, Olivia SBST
3 Drew, Connor KSEF   3 Rhodes, Hadley NSST
4 Lo, Eliott NSST   4 Messenger, Clare NSST
5 Stephens, Beckett SBSTA   5 Kung, Chang-Jie SBSTA
  U10 Boys       U10 Girls  
1 Cook, Caleb AMST   1 Walker, Thaleya DPST
2 Yakaitis, Marcus AMST   2 Tyler, Lila SVST
3 Pietzke, Oliver DPST   3 Rocklin, Inna SVST
4 Schindler, Linus AMST   4 Titus, Avery NSST
5 Byrnes, Colton NSST   5 Desens, Jade AMST
6 Devalle, Orso NSST   6 Jarvis, Senna NSST
7 McArdle, Cooper SVST   6 Kass, Sydney NSST
8 Wallach, Levi AMST   8 Stephens, Preston SBSTA
9 Westin, Hayes NSST   9 Kastner, Elsa SVST
10 Kemp, Travers SVST   10 Carlson, Zoe SVST
11 Lo, Everett NSST   11 Reid, Emmy KSEF
12 Karbe, Kasper SBSTA   12 Bates, Reagan AMST
13 Parkes, Sammy NSST   13 Wong, Kylie SVST
14 Boro, Ryan NSST   14 Schlosser, Zuzana ASC
15 Pfeister, Miles KSEF   15 Pearson, Charlotte SVST
  U12 Boys       U12 Girls  
1 Vasey, Brock KSEF   1 Pekarek, Annika AMST
2 Chung, Derek SVST   2 Pearson, Cassidy AMST
3 Praun-Petrovic, Vouk KSEF   3 Schuman, Brooke SVST
4 Philbrick, Maxwell NSST   4 Bradford, Ava HST
5 Ottoni, Lucas SAT   4 Borgiotti, Gabriela AMST
6 Chan, Nicholas NSST   6 Philbrick, Chloe NSST
7 Rhodes, Alden NSST   7 Nicolaescu, Fia SAT
8 Tarazona, Martias DPST   8 Ladich, Kendall DPST
9 Mason, Barett NSST   9 Byrnes, Chloe NSST
10 Pfeister, Jameson KSEF   10 Fuchs, Ella NSST
11 Somasundaram, Ayan NSST   11 Strecker, Sierra AMST
12 Clark, Paxton AMST   12 Birnbaum, Emma SVST
13 Zuber, Rowan SVST   13 Johnson, Dylan AMST
14 Gebhart, Tate NSST   14 Morrison, Liliana DPST
15 Saito, Tuck TDST   15 Kiesel, Teaki SVST
  U14 Boys       U14 Girls  
1 Oberweis-Manion, Ryan KSEF   1 Chandler, Carlie SAT
2 Wong, Matthew NSST   2 Holtrichter, Kathleen SAT
3 Thompson, Reid SVST   3 Aronowitz, Greta KSEF
4 Ricodel, Tugdual NSST   4 Green, Kayla DPST
5 Grant, Sven NSST   5 McAdam, Sarah KSEF
6 Richter, Charlie ROSE   6 Plumb, Maren SVST
7 Cann, Colin SVST   7 Johnston, Keira SAT
8 Gump, Kyle SVST   8 Ahuja, Anjali SVST
9 Messenger, Jett NSST   9 Place, Kaia NSST
10 Cobb, Beckett SVST   10 Ricordel, Gwenn NSST
  U16+ Boys       U16+ Girls  
1 Strahle, Joey SAT   1 Griepp, Isabelle ASC
2 Forget, Theo NSST   2 Muyon, Dava SAT
3 Seo, Jackson IHS   3 Ferguson, Annie SAT


Norden, CA (March 10, 2020) -- Sugar Bowl Ski Team & Academy (SBSTA) is excited to
announce that Brian Krill will be joining SBSTA as its Executive Director, effective July 1, 2020.
As SBSTA’s Executive Director, Krill will lead the athletic and academic staff to further
strengthen SBSTA’s vision to be the recognized gold standard for ski teams and ski academies.
Krill has an extensive background in both skiing and education - having worked for several
organizations around the country, including U.S. Ski and Snowboard, Western Colorado
University, Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club, and Crested Butte Academy, with a track
record of moving organizations forward.
“Brian’s experience is unique: having been a teacher, a coach, athletic director, and dorm
parent at a ski academy; having been an entrepreneur in educational services; having
interfaced with every major ski academy and ski club in the country in developing U.S. Ski and
Snowboard’s Club Certification Program, and as Director of Sport Education; and having been a
non-profit executive,” said Steve Shray, Chair, SBSTA Board of Trustees. “We are looking
forward to him applying his vast experience to SBSTA for the benefit of our student-athletes.”
Krill’s role as Executive Director concludes a six-month nationwide search process that included
the entire SBSTA community: staff; alumni; parents; and Trustees.
"I am thrilled to be joining the Sugar Bowl Ski Team & Academy community," said Krill. "SBSTA
has developed an incredible reputation and platform for developing student-athletes in a holistic
manner -- the combination of a full-scale club and academy has proven to be a unique and
successful formula. I am looking forward to partnering with the SBSTA team, Sugar Bowl
Resort, and the entire community to drive the organization to its fullest potential. I began my
career in an academic and athletic environment, and I am looking forward to returning to my
Brian’s family has deep roots on the West Coast. Brian’s wife Karin, is a professor of theatre
with degrees from U.C. Berkeley, Northwestern, and the University of Washington. His stepdaughter
was a talented ski racer in Colorado and now lives near Eugene, OR, his second
daughter is an aspiring musician and a freshman at Lane Community College in Eugene, OR,
and his youngest daughter is a freshman at Jackson Hole High School and will be on a Rotary
exchange program to Argentina for her sophomore year.
The Sugar Bowl Ski Team & Academy is a nationally recognized Alpine, Freeride, and Nordic
ski team and ski academy that has produced multiple US Ski Team members, NCAA collegiate
competitors, national champions in virtually all age groups, and numerous nationally ranked
athletes. SBSTA is gold certified through the US Ski and Snowboard Certification Program and
accredited by NAIS. Sugar Bowl Ski Team & Academy is a community dedicated to providing
passionate skiers the opportunity to pursue athletic dreams, academic excellence, and personal
growth while celebrating grit, grace, and courage.

Attention Far West U12 Families!

Have you received your Far West Development Initiative athlete book? If you are a new Far West U12 Family you should have received one during the first few weeks of team. If you have not received yours then please reach out to your head coach or program director immediatley. 

If you are a Far West Family with athletes in a different age class this book is still extremely helpful to you and your athlete and is available to you to order too.

Want to know a little bit more about the Development Initiative? Take a moment to check out this short clip on what it is, why it is important and how to use it in the development of your athlete for years to come! Click here to see what it's all about!

Still have questions? Please check out the FWDI section of the Far West Skiing Webpage or give us a call in the Far West Office!

Cheers to a great season!
Far West Skiing
PO Box 2664
Truckee, Ca 96160

Mission Statement

Promote the skiing development of young athletes from all clubs in the Far West with the objective of placing elite competitors onto the US Ski Team. 'Alpine Athlete competencies' as developed by USSA will be used as a guideline.

  • Promote alpine competition in Far West from entry level, club level and elite level.
  • Provide financial support to athletes, coaches and development projects.
  • Maintain a structure that will support the needs of Far West clubs, athletes, coaches and general membership.