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Event: Elite FIS Park City and Snowbirda
Date of Event: February 8-11, 2020
Selections and Registration Close Sunday, January 26, 2020 at 5pm

Completed registration includes
US Ski and Snowboard Event Online Registration for Park City and Snowbird (Intermountain Division)
2. Park City liability waiver must be returned to [email protected]. Click here for liability waiver.


Thank you for your patience as we worked through the logistics of rescheduling the first North Series GS of the season.

The updated race announcement is posted on the U10.U12 schedules page. Below is the new race schedule for that weekend.

Friday, February 7 th , U10 GS on Motts 10:00am start
Friday, February 7 th , U12 GS on Exhibition 10:00am start
Saturday February 8th , U10 Big G 2 runs on Motts 10:00am start
Saturday February 8th, U12 Super G training 9:45am (required) & U12 Super G 12:00pm
Sunday February 9th, U10 Big G 2 runs on Motts 10:00am start
Sunday February 9th, U12 Super G 10:00pm & Skills Quest after completion of Super G


Need Volunteers for February  7- February 9th U10 U12 Races at Squaw Valley

Please contact Jo Abbott  530-452-7188 or email her at [email protected]
You will earn one  Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows Lift Ticket Voucher (expires May 2021) per volunteer day.
We also provide you with a Lift ticket the day you volunteer.


U12 and Younger Equipment Rules -
Background and Enforcement

U12 and younger athletes should limit skis based upon the recommendations in the Alpine Training System and the Course Setting matrix.

  • U12 - two pairs (SL, GS), length ski/size appropriate. Can only use one pair per race (inspection and competition).
  • U10 - one pair (multi-event), length ski/size appropriate.
  • No waxing solution can be applied at a competition venue.
  • The use of ski preparation benches is not allowed at a competition venue.

Further, each division was requested to host two races during the season where speed suits would not be allowed.

There have been questions on the implementation of and reasons behind the new rules for U12 and younger athletes noted above. These rules were suggested by the Alpine Athlete Representatives and approved by the Alpine Sport Committee during the 2019 Congress.

Following is some background from the athlete representatives on
why they made these suggestions.

From our perspective, alpine skiing at young ages (U12 and younger) has been moving in the wrong direction. Having multiple pairs of skis, expensive wax, and generally more gear that might make an athlete faster, without improving their skills, takes away from the core value of youth racing: having fun while learning the fundamentals of the sport. Therefore, the athlete representatives of the Alpine Sport Committee came forward with these rule changes:

"Only allow one pair of skis per event day at race events." This is to make the sport less of an arms race and bring the focus back from "what you ski on" to "how well you ski on it". This rule applies only to runs taken within the race venue and as such only pertains to inspection and race runs.

"No fluorinated wax." Fluorinated waxes are expensive, they are hazardous to your health and the environment, and unnecessary at all age levels. Next season fluorinated wax will be banned from all FIS racing for similar reasons.

"No ski benches at the start venue." They clutter the start and make the environment unnecessarily stressful for athletes, coaches and parents alike.

Perform two "test races" where athletes wear normal ski clothes rather than race suits to allow kids to stay warmer and lower the pressure of racing.*

We believe ski racing is hugely beneficial for personal growth and want to keep as many athletes racing for as long as possible. For this reason, we created these rules to level the playing field and lay out a clear direction in which the sport should be moving. The belief is, if you focus on the athlete's development and remove financial barriers more kids will participate and raise the entire level of the sport. Let's make it about skiing and having fun so this next generation has the same opportunities in the sport as we did.

Warner Nickerson, Andrew Weibrecht, Breezy Johnson, and Jessica Kelly

* the Far West Division is not participating in this

Attention Far West U12 Families!

Have you received your Far West Development Initiative athlete book? If you are a new Far West U12 Family you should have received one during the first few weeks of team. If you have not received yours then please reach out to your head coach or program director immediatley. 

If you are a Far West Family with athletes in a different age class this book is still extremely helpful to you and your athlete and is available to you to order too.

Want to know a little bit more about the Development Initiative? Take a moment to check out this short clip on what it is, why it is important and how to use it in the development of your athlete for years to come! Click here to see what it's all about!

Still have questions? Please check out the FWDI section of the Far West Skiing Webpage or give us a call in the Far West Office!

Cheers to a great season!
Far West Skiing
PO Box 2664
Truckee, Ca 96160

There is a love hate relationship with liability waivers, more hate than love. We love it when we are not on 'The List' of missing waivers and we hate having to sign them all the time. Unfortunatley there is nothing our Orgazing Commitees can do to make them go away and trust me it's not their favorite part of ski racing either!

Every race in the Far West Division, except those held at Mammoth, has a liability waiver and some areas are lucky enouth to have two liabilty waivers required to participate in the race! The Liability waiver is attached to the race announcement on the Far West Skiing website on each age class schedule and results page. The race announcement provides information about race venue, ticket prices, location of registration, and where to email in the waiver.

So here are some hints on how to successfully work with the race organizer on waivers:
1. Email it in by the registration deadline (the Sunday or Monday that on time registration closes). 
2. Check Live-Timing.com Wednesday or Thursday prior to the race as many Organizing Commitees are posting athlete lists and missing waiver links.
3. Bring your physical waiver with you the first day of the races.
4. If you turn your waiver in via the email address posted the day of the team captains meeting and beyond there is no guarantee that the Race Administrator will have time to check their email in the midst of all their duties in preparing for coaches, athletes and families for the weekend. This is an extremely important time to bring your waiver with you the morning of registration.

We ask that everyone is patient as it is not the favorite part of racing, but a requirement. Whether you are speaking with a volunteer or a race department employee, everyone has the same goal of creating a successful race day  As an RA I have been yelled at more about waivers than any other aspect of a ski race!

Be kind, submit your waiver early and bring the phsyical copy with you....no one ever turns down an extra waiver!

Cheers to a positive 2020 race, and waiver, season!

Far West Skiing
PO Box 2664
Truckee, Ca 96160




The Far West Skiing would like YOUR input on what age you think FIS racing eligibility should be. In the past, the discussion to change the FIS age eligibility has been conducted almost solely by adults. This is your chance to give your opinion; after all this will be directly impacting YOU, the athlete.

To help you better understand what changing the FIS eligibility age to second year U16 would mean, I’ve typed up a pros and cons list discussing the advantages and disadvantages of changing the FIS age. This is the short, cryptic version:




More Time to Improve Points for College Scholarships and to get on College Race Teams

A Lot of Pressure 

  • Self-inflicted

  • Parent-inflicted

  • Coach-inflicted 

Getting a Head Start on your Professional Skiing Career (if you see racing as your full time job in the future)

A Large Amount of Traveling to Balance with School plus Traveling On Your Own

There’s More Time to Figure Out if you like Racing Professionally

Lack of Stability/Regularity at an Early Age 

  • Potential for the Lack of Close Friendships at School

  • Frustration in Racing

  • Potential for Drama based on high tensions among peers

It’s all optional. You aren’t obligated to race FIS. If you’re not ready, wait a year or two.



If you, your parents, or anyone you know have any questions feel free to contact me by 

Texting me at: (949) 429-9423

Or Emailing me at: [email protected]

Pros and Cons List in Depth: https://docs.google.com/document/d/12nGmR7qUCTH2SsHP5vN6uAwtuFYqWqzH90M6lcdaTXQ/edit?usp=sharing

SURVEY: https://forms.gle/a9hmNY5o7hmeV5Z3A
Sierra Kim
Far West Skiing Athlete Rep

Happy New Year from Far West Skiing!
As we head down the path of competition season the Far West Skiing Board of Directors would like to remind all parents of their role in this sport too.

Parent Code of Conduct

Far West and participating ski teams and clubs strive to make the sport of ski racing a positive experience for athletes, coaches and family members alike. 

All athletes, coaches, and alpine officials who are members of Far West Skiing and U.S. Ski & Snowboard are subject to codes of conduct. Within the code of conduct, membership and participation is a privilege and not a right. The following represents the Far West Skiing’s Parental Code of Conduct.

-Parents, guardians, and others who have athletes competing in Far West Skiing sanctioned events are expected and required to conduct themselves in a sportsman-like manner. Adults are expected to act as positive role models for children.

-Sportsman-like conduct includes, but is not limited to, showing respect for all athletes, race officials, volunteers, resort employees, spectators, skiers and snowboarders.

-Parents are expected to familiarize themselves with the rules of the sport.

-Specifically, parents and spectators must refrain from criticizing, name-calling, or use of abusive language or gestures directed toward the coaches, officials, athletes or other spectators.

Home Ski Team or Club may impose sanction against any parent determined to be violating this Code of Conduct, including the following:
-Suspension for a day from spectating or participating in any race or training event
-Suspension for multiple days from one or more races or training events
-Permanent suspension from races or training events
-Disqualification of child from one or multiple races

Any parent who is sanctioned may appeal the sanctions decision according to the following procedure:

The Parental Sanction Appeals Board for the Far West shall consist of five members: one senior official, two coaches, one current member of the FWS ACC and the FWS President (who shall chair the parental sanction appeals board). The Far West ACC Chair shall make recommendations to the FWS Board of Directors. The FWBOD shall make the final selection of members to the Parental Sanction Appeals Board. If a conflict of interest arises, that Parental Sanction Appeals Board member(s) is/are required to disqualify him/herself from the case.

Members of the home team or club that levied the parental sanction may not be included in the appeals board.

The parent appealing a sanction shall deliver notice of appeal in writing, with a $150 appeals board fee, to the FWBOD President and FW ACC Chair within three business days after the sanction was levied.

If the appeal is successful, the appeals filing fee shall be refunded.

The hearing group must restrict its examination to consideration of whether or not protocol was followed, rules were applied properly, the parent was offered rebuttal opportunity, etc. The hearing group must not “retry” the case in terms of the facts found by team that levied the sanction at the time. However, the hearing group can find that the facts were clearly disregarded in issuing the sanction.

The determination of any parental sanction appeal shall be considered final.

Please note that Far West Skiing has moved to the use of US Ski and Snowboards Event Online Registration system for all race entries this season. Following the directions on the attached will help you walk through the process in your myussa account.

Please reach out if you have any questions.

Thank you.
Far West Skiing
PO Box 2664
Truckee, Ca 96160


The Far West Masters Scholarship Program is now in our 29th year of raising funds to benefit Far West Junior ski racers. Over that time period we have awarded more than $1,000,000 in scholarship funds. There is no overhead. We are an incorporated 501(c)(3) public charity tax exempt organization. Our goal is to promote academic scholarship, citizenship and leadership within the ski racing community. It is also our goal to keep athletes involved in ski racing that might not otherwise have a chance without our financial support. We believe keeping athletes involved in ski racing keeps them focused, teaches discipline and helps them to be successful in the rest of their life endeavors.

We have some items that have been donated by Far West Ski Team Alumni as well as our local ski shops that are available for purchase to support our program. Additionally we have some helmets, stealth gear and speed skis that are available at no cost to any Far West athlete that is in need of this equipment. Please contact Eddie Mozen at [email protected] if you are interested in purchasing or obtaining any of these items. The pictures of these items are modeled by a 5’11”, 155 pounder to give an idea of size…(Most of the sizes are little smaller than listed). 

Click here to download pictures

1)Dainese Yellow heavy weight parka. New. Size XS.  $50
2)US Ski Team Heavy down jacket. New. Size XL.   $250
3)US Ski Team Heavy shell parka. New. Size XL. $200
4)US Ski Team light weight down parka. New. size XL.  $150
5)US Ski Team Womens pink lightly padded Parka (used once by Stacey Cook) size 14.   $200
6)Rain parka size large.  $75
7)US Olympic Team 2016 hybrid pullover. New. Size L.  $100
8)US Olympic Team 2010 Polo sweater. New. Size M-L.  $50
9)US Ski Team Downhill suit. New. (Thanks Stacey Cook!). womens size small.  $300
10)Sweet GS helmet size s/m New. $100

We also have for giveaway for use of any Far West Athlete:
Helmets….some new, some used
POC-GS size medium
Uvex Sl helmet large
Uvex SL helmet small
Dianese Sl helmet medium
Shred Sl helmet large
Stealth undergarmets and training shorts…
Upper stealth…size small
Lower stealth…size small and medium
Training shorts… size small and large

Speed skis. All with bindings (these are best for U-16s or Masters as they are not current FIS approved)
Rossi DH 212cm
Atomic DH 210cm
Atomic DH/SG 212cm
Rossi SG 201cm
Atomic SG 195cm

There are no changes to the Far West pricing structure for the 2020 season. The National Membership pricing structure is increasing after many years due to fees for safesport training and background screening for all that are 18 years of age and older. 



Age Category




Sanctioned Competition


AG = Alpine General Member






Restricted to those under 18

AS  = Alpine Non-Scored Athlete






Formerly Non-Scored Student

AM = Alpine Master







AM = Alpine Master (Requirements)






For those masters participating in clubs with minors








AC U12 = Alpine Competitor U12 & under






Combined U10 & U12 into one category

AC U14 = Alpine Competitor U14







AC U16 = Alpine Competitor U16 & Over







DAC = Alpine Adaptive Competitor






Adding this category back to track adaptive athletes








AO = Alpine Official







ACO = Alpine Coach







AJCO - Alpine Junior Coach







AV = Alpine Volunteer














STA = Short Term Alpine






Restricted to those under 18

STAM - Short Term Masters






Restricted to those 18 and over

STAF = Short Term Alpine Foreign






Available to foreign athletes coming to the U.S. for an event















Family Cap Refund is now $500







Members may still add additional memberships for only the cost of the highest membership


During the Holiday Training Block all U12 families should have received their own copy of the Far West Development Initiative book from their Program Director or Head Coach. 

What is the Far West Development Initiative?
Mission: Support collaboration of divisional programs and coaches in the development of successful Far West ski racers, with the goal of being the best Division in the Nation.

The purpose of the Far West Development Initiation book is to be a valuable resource for each athlete/parent/coach. In it are the fundamentals of ski racing - the absolute basics that even the best World Cup racers come back to refine. It is a visual guide to see how the fundamentals are executed at the highest level. The guide is desgned to be used by the athlete and parent. At the rear of the manual are key concepts that are illustrated by photos.  A seperate 'Coaches Pocket Guide' was also developed to allow the coaches to use these key concepts and visuals on the hill, too!

The guide is designed to help the athlete, and includes a 'Parent's Corner' too.  A section devoted to parents on 'How to support your athlete', information on equipment needs, plus the National/Regional and Divisional Structure. A glossary of terms that the programs of the Far West agree will help all coaches, athletes and families speak in the same terms as athletes develop.

The book is a colaboration of Far West Program Directors and Head Coaches along with experts in the field to bring the best Development Initiative Book to each and everyone of you!

Is it avaialbe and usable by age classes outside of U12? Absolutely!
The Far West Development Initiative book is a valuable resource for all age classes and can be purchased on the Far West website by either visiting the FWDI tab across the top bar of the Far West website, or by clicking on this FWDI link.

This Development Initiative provided to each U12 family and U12 coach was funded by private donations as a valuable resource in the progress of each athletes journey in ski racing. If you would like to donate towards the Far West Development Initiative please click here.
Far West Skiing is a 501c3 California not for profit organization and all donations are tax deductable.

Questions about the Development Initiative? Contact the Far West Skiing Office, [email protected]


Mission Statement

Promote the skiing development of young athletes from all clubs in the Far West with the objective of placing elite competitors onto the US Ski Team. 'Alpine Athlete competencies' as developed by USSA will be used as a guideline.

  • Promote alpine competition in Far West from entry level, club level and elite level.
  • Provide financial support to athletes, coaches and development projects.
  • Maintain a structure that will support the needs of Far West clubs, athletes, coaches and general membership.

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