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Below we provide the links for Race Registration, the current schedule and results. Quick links below:

Obtaining a U.S. Ski & Snowboard Membership

All Tahoe Race Series races will be U.S. Ski & Snowboard and Far West Sanctioned events. All athletes must hold a U.S. Ski & Snowboard and Far West Membership in order to compete in the Tahoe Leauge Race Series with their home program. In order to obtain that membership, please follow these few steps.

  1. visit https://usskiandsnowboard.org/
  2. click on 'Members' and scroll down
  3. either 'Create an Account' or 'Log In' to your My U.S. Ski & Snowboard account.
  4. from you 'My Account' box choose 'Register a new U.S. Ski & Snowboard member'
  5. you will need to choose a competitor license based on your age and choose the Far West Division, plus include your club.
  6. you will complete all steps and check out at the end.
  7. Questions? contact [email protected], your team administration or  [email protected]

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Race Registration

All Tahoe Race Series registrations run through your home program. Please contact your teams Tahoe Race Series Administrator to complete your registration process.

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Tahoe Race Series Entry Fees for 2020 - paid directly to your program

Regular Season Entry: $40 per day includes entry and lift ticket
Championship Entry: $45 per day includes entry, lift ticket and Championship shirt
Late registration is $40 per day and must be received prior to close of race morning registration(this is on top of the $40 regular fee, or $45 Championships entry fee).

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Race Schedule & Results 2020 Season

Date Discipline Age Class Location Notes
Jan 11, 2020 PGS U12 and Older Northstar Results by Class:  Men   Women
Jan 12, 2020 PGS U10 & Under Northstar Results by Class:  Men   Women
Feb 1, 2020 PSL U12 and Older Alpine Meadows Results by Class: Men  Women
Feb 2, 2020 PSL U10 & Under Alpine Meadows Results by Class: Men  Women
Feb 29, 2020 PL + Skills U12 and Older Sugar Bowl Results by Class:  Men   Women
March 1, 2020 PL + Skills U10 & Under Sugar Bowl Results by Class:  Men   Women
March 14, 2020 PL + Team U12 and Older Diamond Peak Liability Waiver 
Race Announcement
March 15, 2020 PL + Team U10 & Under Diamond Peak Liability Waiver
Race Announcement


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 Tahoe Race Series Announcements

Tahoe Race Series Mission: 
The Tahoe Race Series is designed to be an accessible, cost effective, development stepping stone to life- long fun and friendship in ski racing.  

  • all athletes must hold a U.S. Ski & Snowboard and Far West competitors license (www.usskiandsnowboard.org) to complete both
  • all races are U.S. Ski & Snowboard and Far West, non-scored, sanctioned events
  • athletes can only be entered via their team administrator, no individual registrations
  • athletes are required to use team assigned bibs (contact your team administrator for your bib)
  • At all Tahoe Race Series events, competitors are allowed to use one (1) pair of skis per race (inspections & competition). Parents, coaches or technicians are not allowed to furnish additional pairs of skis for use during race day inspections or competition. Non-compliance may result in NPS or depending on circumstance, DSQ (proven violation after start)
  • At all Tahoe Race Series events, competitors should refrain from using fluorinated wax. In any case, application of any type of waxing solution must not be applied at all Tahoe Race Series competition venues. Use of ski preparation benches at all Tahoe Race Series competition venues is not allowed.
  • races will utilize a team start order that is drawn during the Far West Fall Convention. Running youngest to oldest by age group, all girls first followed by all boys, and reverse within their age class for the second run
  • all competitors receive 2 runs per race day
  • age classes are U8, U10, U12, U14 and U16+
  • An athlete must compete in one Tahoe Race Series Race in order to be eligible to participate in the Championships
  • Race Day recommended schedule: (to be confirmed at morning coaches meeting)

8:00                    Coaches meeting - no parents or athletes
9:00-10:00         Free ski and warm up
10:15-10:45       Inspection
11:00-12:30       First Run
12:30-2:00         Second Run
2:00-3:00           Free Ski the mountain with teams
3:00                   Awards

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Standings and Awards

U16+    Top 3    boys and girls
U14      Top 10  boys and girls
U12      Top 15  boys and girls
U10      Top 15  boys and girls
U8        Top 5    boys and girls
U12 and Older Team Cup
U10 and Under Team Cup

2020 Season Standings

Final Final Final Final Final
U8 Boys U10 Boys U12 Boys U14 Boys U16+ Boys
U8 Girls U10 Girls U12 Girls U14 Girls U16+ Girls




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