Waivers! Waivers! Waivers!!

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There is a love hate relationship with liability waivers, more hate than love. We love it when we are not on 'The List' of missing waivers and we hate having to sign them all the time. Unfortunatley there is nothing our Orgazing Commitees can do to make them go away and trust me it's not their favorite part of ski racing either!

Every race in the Far West Division, except those held at Mammoth, has a liability waiver and some areas are lucky enouth to have two liabilty waivers required to participate in the race! The Liability waiver is attached to the race announcement on the Far West Skiing website on each age class schedule and results page. The race announcement provides information about race venue, ticket prices, location of registration, and where to email in the waiver.

So here are some hints on how to successfully work with the race organizer on waivers:
1. Email it in by the registration deadline (the Sunday or Monday that on time registration closes). 
2. Check Live-Timing.com Wednesday or Thursday prior to the race as many Organizing Commitees are posting athlete lists and missing waiver links.
3. Bring your physical waiver with you the first day of the races.
4. If you turn your waiver in via the email address posted the day of the team captains meeting and beyond there is no guarantee that the Race Administrator will have time to check their email in the midst of all their duties in preparing for coaches, athletes and families for the weekend. This is an extremely important time to bring your waiver with you the morning of registration.

We ask that everyone is patient as it is not the favorite part of racing, but a requirement. Whether you are speaking with a volunteer or a race department employee, everyone has the same goal of creating a successful race day  As an RA I have been yelled at more about waivers than any other aspect of a ski race!

Be kind, submit your waiver early and bring the phsyical copy with you....no one ever turns down an extra waiver!

Cheers to a positive 2020 race, and waiver, season!

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