U18/U21/SR Schedule & Results

Below we provide the links for Race Registration, the current schedule and results. Quick links below:

Race Registration

Click here for account creation and registration how-to via AdminSki. 



Entry Fees for 2023/2024: 

These are fixed entry fees and have been updated for the 2024 season.

US Ski and Snowboard Events Price per Start
SL and GS $50
SG and DH $57
Training Fee $40
Late Fee $40 per race
FIS Events Price per Start
FIS Tech Entry $60
FIS Speed Entry $64
FIS Speed Training $50

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Race Schedule & Results for the 2024 Season 

Race Date Location Discipline Series Class Announcements Results
December 9, 2023 Mammoth 2 SL FW Open U16+ Race Announcement

Register Here

December 10, 2023  
December 12-15, 2023 SnowKing 2 SL, 2 GS Devo FIS U18+

Womens Selections
Mens Selections

W 22
M 27


January 5, 2024 Mammoth 2GS, 1SL FW Open U16+ Race Announcement

Register Here

January 6, 2024  
January 7, 2024  
January 11-16, 2024 UOP Snowbird 2 SL, 2 GS, 2 SG Elite FIS U18+


January 19, 2024 Palisades Tahoe 3 GS* FW Open Wild West Qualifier #1 U16+ Race Announcement  
January 20, 2024  
January 21, 2024  
January 25-28, 2024 Palisades Tahoe SL, GS Devo FIS U18+

Race Announcement
Selections Open January 4

W 22
M 27


February 3, 2024 Snow Summit SL/GS* FW Open U16+ Race Announcement  
February 4, 2024  
February 5-10, 2024 Schweitzer 2 DH, 2 SG Devo FIS U18+

Selections Open January 18

W 24
M 32

February 14, 2024 Mammoth 3 SG* FW Open Wild West Qualifier #2 U16+ Race Announcement

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February 15, 2024  
February 16, 2024  
February 18-21, 2024 SnowKing 2 SL, 2 GS Elite FIS U18+    
March 1, 2024 Diamond Peak 3 SL* FW Open U16+    
March 2, 2024  
March 3, 2024  
March 3-8, 2024 Stevens Pass, WA   WR Junior Championships U18.21

Selections Open February 15

W 23
M 26

March 9, 2024 Sugar Bowl SL/GS FW Open U14.16    
March 10, 2024  
March 25-28, 2024 Sun Valley 2 SL, 2 GS Devo FIS U18+

Selections Open February 29

W 22
M 27

March 29, 2024 Northstar SL/GS* FW Teach Finals U16+    
March 30, 2024  
March 31, 2024  
April 1, 2024  
April 8, 2024 Mammoth 2 TR, 2 DH, 2 SG WR FIS Speed U18+

Selections Open March 19

W 24
M 32

April 9, 2024  
April 10, 2024  
April 11, 2024  
April 12, 2024  
April 13, 2024  
April 14, 2024 Palisades Tahoe SL/GS WR FIS Elite Spring Series U18+    
April 15, 2024  
April 16, 2024  
April 17, 2024  
April 19, 2024 Mammoth 3 SG* FW SG Finals U14+    
April 20, 2024  
April 21, 2024  


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U18/U21/SR Specific Announcements

  • all athletes must hold a U.S. Ski & Snowboard and Far West U16+ Competitors License (www.ussa.org to complete both)
  • U16+ Races are run as U.S. Ski & Snowboard sanctioned, scored events
  • Start order for U16 and older races is based on U.S. Ski & Snowboard points, top 15 are a random draw, followed by points order, and a random draw for all 999.99 athletes.
  • 2nd run is in bibbo order for the top 30, followed by athletes fastest to slowest. Athletes that DNF or DSQ in the 1st run will be allowed to take a 2nd run immediately following the final qualified competitor, unless decided upon by the jury at least one hour prior to the start of the race that post runs will not be allowed.
  • NEW NEW NEW  US Ski and Snowboard has banned the use of all fluoronated wax, for all athletes.
  • NEW NEW NEW  US Ski and Snowboard  recommends the following FIS start limitations for the 20-21 season and beyond:
    25 SL and GS Starts for YOB 2006 and 2007
    35 SL and GS Starts for YOB 2005
  • NEW NEW NEW US Ski and Snowboard Prohibits Southern Hemisphere racing for first year FIS athletes
  • All athletes, including atlernates, must respond by the prescribed deadline listed on the FIS schedule below, with all registration paperwork, mountain liability forms and payment in order to be considered for the entry sheet. 
  • Grand Prix Series - notated with an * in the above schedule. 


    The Grand Prix series is scored for U18’s as a series to qualify for scholarships to be used for the following season. The places are determined by adding up the total World Cup Points earned during ALL the races listed in the Grand Prix series for that season. Each race is scored by separating only the U18 class. Foreign, out of division, current USST and U16 participants in each race are removed and results are sorted by class prior to assigning WCP’s for each race. 

    Overall Champions from the Grand Prix Series will be awarded the following:

                1st  place – U18 men/women       $1800 Scholarship 

                2nd place – U18 men/women       $900 Scholarship

                3rd  place – U18 men/women      $600 Scholarship

    Grand Prix Standings 2023: Men  Women

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Standings and Awards

U.S. Ski & Snowboard Open and Grand Prix Series Races
1st - 3rd, Srs/U21
1st - 3rd, U18
Hard Charger - one per gender per race

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Western Region JR Championships - 


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