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Below we provide the links for Race Registration, the current schedule and results. Quick links below:

Race Registration

Race registration requirements for 2021 Season

  1. All registration will be completed online via US Ski and Snowboard event online registration through the athletes My USSA portal. Registration will close 5 days prior to the first Team Captains Meeting of that event. (ie Wild West Series starts on Friday for Men and Sunday for Women, the reg will close Sunday night prior for all).
  2. Coaches must complete their online registration for the event by the same deadline as the athletes.
  3. The first one hundred athletes to register will be entered in the event. There will be no ‘waiting list’ available. Any pulls prior to the entry deadline need to go through the race organizer, allowing further athletes to register. Pulls after the entry deadline will not be refunded.
  4. Registration will open 45 days prior to the Team Captains Meeting of an event. Race announcements need to be out prior to this 45 day window. Any delay in opening of the registration will be announced via the Far West Office eblast system.
  5. Resort liability waivers must be received by the Organizing Committee no later than 48 hours after the close of online registration. There will be no opportunity to turn them in at the Team Captains Meeting and an athlete will be pulled from the event.
  6. No late registration will be available.
  7. Athletes are required to use their Far West purchased bib for the 2021 season for all Far West age class events (TRS race bibs through their program).
  8. Items to be included on the Race Announcement from the organizing committee:
    1. Ticket purchase process/order
    2. Pre event symptom check process
    3. Parent ticket info, if available
    4. Race area requirements, i.e. lift loading guides, indoor facility information, virtual awards links (physical awards prohibited), team captains meeting platform (link not necessary on the race announcement), race document delivery process (start lists, ref reports, results).
    5. Area ROL to be attached
    6. Other required reminders:
      1. athlete responsibility for equipment rules (222.1)
      2. face coverings required (223.1.1)
      3. team inspection times will be utilized
      4. physical scoreboard prohibited
      5. team areas will be available above the start for athletes and coaches only.


Help me Register

Looking for some help with registering for a race? Click here to visit the FAQ page on race registration.

Entry Fees for 2020/2021: 

These are fixed entry fees and have been updated for the 2021 season.

U16 and Older Entry Fees

Event Price per Start
SL and GS $40
SG and DH $47
Training Fee $33
Late Fee $40 for tech events
$45 for speed events

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Race Schedule & Results

U16 Race Schedule & Results for 2021 Season (UPDATED 11.16.20 FW SG Finals)


Race Date Location Discipline Series Class Announcements Results
January 8, 2021 Mammoth 2 SL Wild West 
U16+ Jan 8-9 Women
Jan 10-11 Men
January 9, 2021 Women
January 10, 2021 Men
January 11, 2021 Men
January 29, 2021 Squaw Valley 2 GS Wild West 
U16+ Race Announcement
Jan 29-30 Men
Jan 31-Feb 1 Women
January 30, 2021 Men
January 31, 2021 Women
February 1, 2021 Women
February 19, 2021 Mammoth SG  Wild West 
U16+ Feb 19-20 Women
Feb 21-22 Men
February 20, 2021 Women
February 21, 2021 Men
February 22, 2021 Men
March 5, 2021 TBA   Open Series U16+    
March 6, 2021  
March 7, 2021  
March 8, 2021  
March 18-21, 2021 Mammoth SL.GS.SG Regional Champs U16 Only Invitation Only
Quota M:14  W:14
April 2, 2021*


Ladies Sugar Bowl

Men GS

Ladies SL

Far West Tech Finals U16+   Men  Women
April 3, 2021*

Men GS

Ladies SL

U16+   Men  Women
April 4, 2021* Men
Sugar Bowl


Men SL

Ladies GS

U16+   Men  Women
April 5, 2021*

Men SL

Ladies GS

U16+   Men  Women
April 14-16, 2021 Men
April 17-19, 2021 Women
Mammoth DH   U16+ Concurrent US/FIS  
April 22 SG TR W Mammoth SG TR FW SG Finals U14+   Women
April 23-24: Women SG Races   Women
April 26 SG TR M   Men  
April 27-28: Men           Men  
**SG Training is optional for U16 and older, required for U14's
April TBD, 2021 End of Season Awards will be held virtually during the Speed Finals Awards


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U16 Specific Announcements

  • all athletes must hold a valid U.S. Ski & Snowboard and Far West U16 Competitors License (www.usskiandsnowboard.org to complete both)
  • U16+  Races are run as U.S. Ski & Snowboardsanctioned, scored events
  • U16 Qualifying Series for U16 Regional Championships is known as the 'Wild West Series.'
  • Start order for U16 and older races is based on U.S. Ski & Snowboard points, top 15 are a random draw, followed by points order, and a random draw for all 999.99 athletes.
  • 2nd run is in bibbo order for the top 30, followed by athletes fastest to slowest. Athletes that DNF or DSQ in the 1st run will be allowed to take a 2nd run immediately following the final qualified competitor, unless decided upon by the jury at least one hour prior to the start of the race that post runs will not be allowed.
  • NEW NEW NEW  US Ski and Snowboard has banned the use of all fluoronated wax, for all athletes.

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Standings & Awards

Wild West Races - 1st - 3rd place, and one hard charger per gender
Far West Finals - 1st -3rd place, and one hard charger per gender
Wild West Series Winners - 1st-3rd place in the Wild West Qualifiers, see standings below.

U16 Wild West Series Standings

Team Cup Standings Finalized 2020

Mens Finalized Wild West Standings 2020
Womens Finalized Wild West Standings 2020

Western Region Junior Championships -  Mammoth Mountain; March 18-21, 2021

Quota:  14 Boys    14 Girls  

Qualifying process:
For “X” numbered athletes to participate in selection procedures they must hold a Far West Foreign membership, petition to the Age Class Chair and ACC Chair prior to the first qualifying event and follow all Far West rules and regulations. A maximum of 3 “X” numbers per gender will be allowed per season

The quota is filled using “World Cup Points” (WCP) (see Rules Governing Far West Competitors Section of this document), scored in the U16 Jr Championships qualifying events (WILD WEST SERIES). There are multiple weekends contesting SL, GS and SG. Each competitor’s WCP scores from all of the qualifying races count, regardless of discipline. In special circumstances, a one run race may be scored for Jr Championship qualifying purposes, if approved by the team captains at the event. In the event of a tie, the athlete’s best result using WCPs is used even if that was previously applied in their original qualifying score.
Example: Racer A: 100, 80,80,60,50, 0,0
                 Racer B:  80, 80,80,80,50,0,0
In the example above both athletes have a total of 370 points. Racer A would be the higher rank due to the higher WCP finish. If a tie still exists, the next athlete selected will be the racer with the lowest US Ski and Snowboard race point results in any of the Wild West Series events.

The Far West U16 Jr Championship Team is seeded by a ranking list per event, using the following criteria:

  1. Racers ranked by their U.S. Ski & Snowboard points, from points list # 17, for each discipline
  2. In the event of a seeding tie this will be broken by the athletes better U.S. Ski & Snowboard result in the discipline

Travel and Payment regulations for U16 Jr Championships

  1. All athletes, including alternates, must respond by the prescribed deadline listed at www.fwskiing.org. There will be a 72-hour response window. Payment in full will be due at this time.
  2. An alternative housing agreement must be on file in order for an athlete to stay with parents instead of the team. For Championships held in Alaska an athlete may not opt out of the team travel program. DURING THE 2021 CHAMPIONSHIPS THERE WILL BE NO DIVISIONAL TRAVEL BASED ON COVID RESTRICTIONS.
  3. Refunds for U16 Jr Champs will be made only for recoverable costs, and on a case by case basis.

The US winners of each discipline race and the combined at the U.S. Ski & Snowboard /Western Region U16 Junior Championships will be named to the U.S. Ski & Snowboard JR Championships Team and be automatics to the following seasons Far West Ski Team.

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