U12 and Under Rules for 2020 Season

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To All Parents and Coaches involved with U12 and younger athletes, take a moment to catch up with the rules that were passed during the 2019 May Congress Meetings. These rules go into affect for the 2020 season and are a goal to cut down on the cost of ski racing plus being aware of the environment and health of the athletes. 

Rule 1:
At U12 and under competitions. We recommend each division hold two races next season (2019-2020) that do not allow speed suits showing.

Rule 2:
U12 and under competitors are only allowed to use one (1) pair of skis per race (inspections & competition). Parents, coaches or technicians are not allowed to furnish additional pairs of skis for use during race day inspections or competition. Non-compliance may result in NPS or depending on circumstance, DSQ (proven violation after start).

Rule 3:
U12 and under competitors should refrain from using fluorinated wax. In any case, application of any type of waxing solution must not be applied at U12 and under competition venues. Use of ski preparation benches at the U12 and under competition venue is not allowed.


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