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Around 12:30 on Easter Sunday the 2019 Far West Skiing race season concluded. A season to remember....not enough snow to run our Night Slaloms over the holidays to eventuatlly having to cancel due to too much snow and power supply issues on the summit. So much snow in February that we ran only 31% of our races,  a successful WR Jr Championships event held by Alpine Meadows utilizing both Alpine and Squaw to make it happen, and running into lightening strikes close to the venue during the final days of SG racing! Congratulations to all athletes, coaches, officials and race organizers on a great season! We would also like to take a moment to send off those seniors or PG athletes as they head off into racing at USCSA, NCAA and Masters Racing levels. We with you the best in all that you do and hope to see you on the hill somewhere again soon!

During Divisional Championship events we had the opportunity to recognize age class champions and during the SG final we were able to take a moment to recognize some Outstanding indviduals for their accomplishments and leadership during the 2019 season!

Awarded during their Championships Events
U10 Championships
Richmond Cup Winners: Caroline Ehrman (KSEF) and Blaise Turnbull (KSEF)
Jeff Todd Cup (Sportsmanship Award): Caroline Ehrman (KSEF) 
Rasmussen (Overall Team): Squaw Valley Ski Team
U10 Team Parallel Cup: Kirkwood Ski Team

U12 Championships:
Allan Cup Winners: Maya Eisner (MMST) and Oscar Whelan (SVST)
Marco Sullivan Cup (Sportsmanship Award): Simone Dessens
Poulson Cup (Overall Team): Squaw Valley Ski Team
U12 Team Parallel Cup: Mammoth Mountain Ski Team

U14 Championships:
McKinney Cup: Carly Hamilton (SVST)
Rahlves Cup: David Morken (SVST)
Andy Mead Lawrence Cup (Sportsmanship): Adam Brown (NSST)
Cushing Cup (Overall Team): Squaw Valley Ski Team
Team Parallel Cup was cancelled due to weather during the 2019 season

Awarded on 4.21 at the conclusion of the SG Finals
Wild West Winners:
The Wild West series awards the athletes with the best overall combined World Cup Point results from the race contested in the Wild West Series during the 2019 season. This year’s results are based on two weekends of racing, and tech only, since the SG’s were cancelled due to the February snow accumulation.

Girls 3rd place Ella Williams from Sugar Bowl
Girls 2nd place Erica Lynch from Mammoth
Girls 1st  place Amelia Jones from Sugar Bowl

Boys 3rd place Evan Lear from Sugar Bowl
Boys 2nd Place Karsten Hart from Sugar Bowl
Boys 1st place Zachary Bower from Sugar Bowl

Special Awards
Jill Kinmont
was an up and coming ski racer out of the Mammoth area in the 1950’s. The Jill Kinmont award recognizes the outstanding performance from an athlete in the SR age class, YOB 1997 and older.

Jordan Cashman (SVST) has served as an athlete and coach during the 18.19 season. Jordan has raced very calm this season with great results in the Far West, but watching him lead in this position has been even more amazing. Providing guidance through inspection to younger athletes, encouragement throughout the day are all more of what the Far West Division needs as athletes look up to and embark on their racing journey.


Jinny Glass award recognizes the outstanding performance from an athlete in the U19/U21 age class, YOB 1998-2002
Matthew Smallhouse (DPST) grew up in Reno, NV and is member of the Diamond Peak Ski Team. Matt has shown dedication, patients, and determination this season through his adoption of a process learning mindset. He has learned to take responsibility of his outcomes and has developed the skills to be independent, reliable, and self-motivated. Matt has improved his skiing technically and tactically, while also serving as a role-model for his teammates and younger athletes. Matt continues to show passion for the sport and finds joy in training, racing, and free skiing. Matt’s results reflect his hard work and he continues to prove himself as a dominant racer in the Far West and Western Region. Matt was the top ranked Far West U19 in five of the six contested races at the Western Region Jr. Championships and earned himself a spot on the Western Region SR and JR National Team. It has been a great pleasure coaching Matt this season and I am confident he will continue improving as a racer and a responsible adult as he transitions to a college level athlete.

Keely Cashman (SVST/US Ski Team)
Keely is a class act and hard worker, from camps to championships. Keely has had many success throughout the year with wins at the Nor Am level, taking third overall in the Nor Am Cup Standings, and topping off the season as the US National GS Champion! She is consistently a valuable role-model and mentor for younger ladies.

Bobby Mehrhof was a member of the Mammoth Mountain Ski Team that enjoyed ski racing throughout his life. The Bobby Mehrhof award recognizes the outstanding performance from an athlete in the U16 age class, YOB 2003-2004.
Ryan Herhusky (SBST)
Ryan is not only an accomplished racer but a team leader both on the hill and in the classroom. Ryan has been racing in Far West since he was 4 years old. He was selected for the U16 NPS in both 2018 and 2019 and was 6th in slalom at the Burke NPS project this year. He also was 2nd in the Proctor Holiday Slalom. He won the Western Region Slalom Qualifier at Squaw (1st U16, 4th overall), took 4th in slalom at Western Regions in Sun Valley and qualified for U16 Nationals where he was 11th in slalom and 14th in Super G. Despite his extensive traveling for racing, he maintains an A average in his classes. He is passionate about ski racing and consistently exhibits great sportsmanship and support for his teammates and fellow racers.

Alison Mollin (SVST)
A local Tahoe girl. Alison is dedicated and hardworking. Her results at the U16 Regional Championships qualified her for U16 National Championships. She is all character and a great competitor.


Bill Mackay Award recognizes an outstanding race organizer and organizing committee for the current season.
Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows Race Dept. worked so hard this season (the BIG winter) to put on quality race series.  Even with the U14 series and the U16+ SG’s cancelled, the dept and operations put in so much effort to try and make it happen.  All of the events hosted had quality snow conditions because of the preparation effort and work during the event.  I would especially point out the Western Region Champ series with six days dedicating split venues, amazing race surface, and giving the award ceremonies the pomp and circumstance deserved - something we don't always see for our u19 athletes.

Dave McCoy award recognizes the most outstanding coach for the current season.
Lindsay Dowd, SVST U16 Head Coach
Originally from the east, N Conway Mass. Lindsay is known for her presence. What only few know is her endless commitment to athlete betterment always seeking more knowledge and better understanding of the process. She is dedicated to making our FW youth better people and better athletes.

Stanley Walton Award recognizes an outstanding official for the current season.
Missy Brannen Mammoth Race Department Race Administrator
nothing seems to frazzle Missy. She calmly works through many events at all levels from Far West age class racing, FIS races, Snowboard and Freestyle/Freeski, too. She reviews and prepares for each level of event she is working, along with understanding the rules for that group prior to arrival. She always greets her officials and coaches with a smile along with welcoming families and helping resolve their issues

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