Rules updates for 2022 Season

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The US Ski and Snowboard Congress wrapped up on Friday, May 21st. Many working groups and committees meet throughout the year and Congress is the time for rule proposals to be approved or declined. Here are a few items that will affect our athletes and areas in the 2022 season.

Helmets: NO Helmet camera mounts may be worn. Helmets shall have no spoilers nor protruding parts. 

U14 athletes will not be allowed to qualify for the U16 Nationals.

U18 age class: US SKi and Snowboard will return to the U18 age class to match the FIS.

US Ski and Snowboard will host a U18 Nationals starting in the 2022 season.

Regional FIS racing will be scheduled with a 2 Tier system. Athletes will qualify from head to head competition at a Development FIS series in order to qualify for an Elite FIS Series. There will be an initial list of 'automatics' to the Elite FIS and athletes can ski themselves onto the automatics list by winning a devo FIS race.

Race Organization:
After a season of practicing Online Team Captains meetings and virtual communications out of necessity we now will have the option to continue to use these methods. Rules have been updated allowing Organizers the option of hosting their Team Captains meetings online((U604.3). The 2nd update is that the 'official posting board' can be a virtual platform, U671.2.1 (live-timing, what's app, team app, etc.).