Parent Code of Conduct

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Happy New Year from Far West Skiing!
As we head down the path of competition season the Far West Skiing Board of Directors would like to remind all parents of their role in this sport too.

Parent Code of Conduct

Far West and participating ski teams and clubs strive to make the sport of ski racing a positive experience for athletes, coaches and family members alike. 

All athletes, coaches, and alpine officials who are members of Far West Skiing and U.S. Ski & Snowboard are subject to codes of conduct. Within the code of conduct, membership and participation is a privilege and not a right. The following represents the Far West Skiing’s Parental Code of Conduct.

-Parents, guardians, and others who have athletes competing in Far West Skiing sanctioned events are expected and required to conduct themselves in a sportsman-like manner. Adults are expected to act as positive role models for children.

-Sportsman-like conduct includes, but is not limited to, showing respect for all athletes, race officials, volunteers, resort employees, spectators, skiers and snowboarders.

-Parents are expected to familiarize themselves with the rules of the sport.

-Specifically, parents and spectators must refrain from criticizing, name-calling, or use of abusive language or gestures directed toward the coaches, officials, athletes or other spectators.

Home Ski Team or Club may impose sanction against any parent determined to be violating this Code of Conduct, including the following:
-Suspension for a day from spectating or participating in any race or training event
-Suspension for multiple days from one or more races or training events
-Permanent suspension from races or training events
-Disqualification of child from one or multiple races

Any parent who is sanctioned may appeal the sanctions decision according to the following procedure:

The Parental Sanction Appeals Board for the Far West shall consist of five members: one senior official, two coaches, one current member of the FWS ACC and the FWS President (who shall chair the parental sanction appeals board). The Far West ACC Chair shall make recommendations to the FWS Board of Directors. The FWBOD shall make the final selection of members to the Parental Sanction Appeals Board. If a conflict of interest arises, that Parental Sanction Appeals Board member(s) is/are required to disqualify him/herself from the case.

Members of the home team or club that levied the parental sanction may not be included in the appeals board.

The parent appealing a sanction shall deliver notice of appeal in writing, with a $150 appeals board fee, to the FWBOD President and FW ACC Chair within three business days after the sanction was levied.

If the appeal is successful, the appeals filing fee shall be refunded.

The hearing group must restrict its examination to consideration of whether or not protocol was followed, rules were applied properly, the parent was offered rebuttal opportunity, etc. The hearing group must not “retry” the case in terms of the facts found by team that levied the sanction at the time. However, the hearing group can find that the facts were clearly disregarded in issuing the sanction.

The determination of any parental sanction appeal shall be considered final.

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