Masters Scholarship Fundraising

Far West Masters Scholarship Program
The Far West Masters Scholarship Program is now in our 32nd year of raising funds to benefit Far West Junior ski racers. Over that time period we have awarded more than $1,300,000 in scholarship funds. There is no overhead. We are an incorporated 501(c)(3) public charity tax exempt organization.

Our goal is to promote academic scholarship, citizenship and leadership within the ski racing community. It is also our goal to keep athletes involved in ski racing that might not otherwise have a chance without our financial support. We believe keeping athletes involved in ski racing keeps them focused, teaches discipline and helps them to be successful in the rest of their life endeavors.

In previous years the majority of our fundraising was done at a year-end banquet/auction. However because of weather cancellations this event will not occur this year. In its place we will sell items over the internet to help raise funds for next seasons Scholarship program. We have season long Masters ski training passes from 4 different areas as well as US Ski Team race suits. These are items that most ski racers will be buying anyway, so please consider buying them through this program to benefit the Far West Masters Scholarship Program, 

Please contact Eddie Mozen at [email protected] if you are interested in purchasing or obtaining any of these items. Below is a partial list with suggested opening bids, all offers will be entertained!


1) Palisades Tahoe full season Masters Training pass for 2023-24. (Next years rack price will be $4320).

2) Mammoth full season Masters Training pass for 2023-24. Last years rack price was $3100.

3) Diamond Peak Ski Education Foundation will contribute a Masters 2023-2024 full season, full time training tuition pass to the Far West Masters Scholarship Program.
Retail value $2,500.
Starting bid recommended to be $1,500. Only available to a NEW DPSEF Masters athlete.

4) Mount Rose Masters Training Pass
Training is Wednesday and Friday mornings
Pass Value is $1100


I have quite a few US SKI TEAM Spyder race suits. All of these are new. The suits were custom made for US SKI TEAM members and they tend to run 1-2 sizes SMALLER than marked. Suit values are more than $1000 each if bought at ski shop/ski online….…opening prices $350-$500

1) USST (US SKI TEAM) white unpadded world cup GS suit size XL ,4 suits available

2) USST (US SKI TEAM) forest green race suit, not padded world cup GS size XXL.

3) USST (US SKI TEAM) forest green padded GS suit, size XL.  4 suits available