Masters Scholarship Application Open 2022-2023

Masters Scholarship 2022-2023

Far West Masters Scholarship Program application.   2022-2023                                                       

We encourage all Far West Skiing Alpine athletes 13-20 years old  to apply.  Scholarships are awarded based on a combination of (and in order of importance)  exemplary work ethic, academic scholarship, citizenship, financial need, and race results.  Applications are due September 15th, 2022. Award winners will be announced in late November.  Funds are then placed into racers’ accounts from which they may draw upon during the season for racing expenses.  In return for funding, the Masters ask that recipients forerun one of their races and speak at an awards ceremony.  The experience has proven to be quite fun as it allows a junior athlete to show off their stuff and to thank the Masters in person for their support.  Your participation by speaking and selling raffle tickets at our awards parties is an important contribution to our fund raising efforts and it helps to teach about “giving back”.  

As always, it is an honor to receive applications from such a great group of athletes. Thank you in advance for applying.

Eddie Mozen, Chairman Masters Scholarship Fund

Far West Masters Scholarship Application
(Application Guidelines & Instructions)       
1. Entire applications may be submitted on line at the Far West SKIING website

2. Please provide 3 letters of recommendation: 

  • One from your Parent or Guardian
    One from a peer (someone of similar age to you) 
  • One from a teacher, academic advisor or community leader (Not your ski coach).  

Letters should focus on work ethic, academic scholarship, citizenship, leadership, financial need, and obstacles or personal difficulties you have overcome. These letters need to be signed by the author.

3. Please provide a copy of your most recent report card and previous year’s transcript from your school. If not in school, please explain your circumstances.

4. Applications must be complete and received by September 15th, 2022.  Consider getting applications in early. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered. 

5. Please include a  3x3 color head and shoulder picture of yourself to be used for publicity purposes

6.Be True to Yourself

-This application process is rigorous, but it is an exercise to give you experience for your college application process. Fill out the application yourself. You will be much more satisfied with the result when you put in the effort.

-Write what YOU think, feel and believe...don’t write what you think we want to hear. This is your chance to be yourself  and distinguish yourself from others. 

Link to application on Far West Skiing here.