Masters College Scholarship Application 2023

 Masters College Scholarship Application 2023

The Scholarship is to be used towards college expenses. It is given out yearly to a member of the Far West Masters Scholarship Program. To be eligible you must already be a member of the Far West Masters Scholarship Program and be accepted to an accredited Junior College, University or vocational school for the coming fall. The recipient’s must be in good standing in school and will be expected to be a full time student, to carry 12 units per semester, to strive for a 3.5 GPA and to give the Scholarship Program updates on their progress each Summer.  Winners do not have to participate in further athletics of any kind.

This years award will be at a minimum of $2500 but will most likely increase based on fundraising

Applications will be due May 30, 2023.

Awards will be based on a combination of academic scholarship, exemplary work ethic and focus, leadership, citizenship and financial need. They are not based on athletic achievement or athletic success.

The application for this scholarship is brief, as all people applying have already applied and have been accepted into the Masters Scholarship Program. Most applicants will have participated in the Masters Program for many years and are therefore well-known to the committee reviewing these applications based on their previous interactions.


Actual Application


Mailing address:




College(s)/University(ies)/Vocational Schools that you have been accepted to for 2023-2024:

Please send us a copy of an essay you used for your University, College, or Vocational School applications.

Write a BRIEF essay evaluating the Far West Masters Scholarship Program based on your experience. Please include what you enjoy about the Program and what aspects of the Program that you would like to see improved. We are always trying to change and adjust the Program to make it more successful so your input is valuable.

List any academic or athletic scholarships you have been awarded

Include a head and shoulders picture 


1) Please send the completed application to Eddie Mozen at [email protected]

2) If you prefer, you may send this application and attachments to Far West Masters Scholarship Program c/o Eddie Mozen; PO Box 3718; Olympic Valley, Calif. 96146. 

3) The application must be received by May 30th, 2023 in order to be considered.

4) Late applications and incomplete applications will not be considered! Get your applications in early and make sure that they are complete! You may request a return notice to ensure that your application was received on time and is complete.