Marce Herz Memorial Scholarship Recipients 2021

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The Marce Herz Foundation bears the name of an extraordinary individual, Marcelle (“Marce”) Barkley Herz.  Marce, a track and field world record holder, champion amateur skier, and co-founder of the Sky Tavern Jr. Ski Program, was also a teacher who believed that sports were good for everyone, but especially children, and that all children should get the opportunity to ski (and now snowboard) regardless of a child’s race or economic status.  Marce also believed in the power of sports and academics to uplift and motivate children.  She became the first woman to receive the Sportsmen (Sportswoman) of the Year Award from the Nevada Sportswriters Association.  Marce made contributions in our community to youth, teaching, journalism, skiing, sports, and the skiing community.  Once young people, particularly young women and girls, discover the life, times and achievements of Marce Herz, they are usually moved and motivated to strive for excellence.  It is a privilege to be able to provide a scholarship in her honor. 

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Today we congratulate the following recipients of the 2021 Marce Herz Foundation Memorial Scholarship.
Savannah Taylor of Snow Summit Race Team and Ryan Herhusky of Sugar Bowl Ski Team and Academy.

Savannah Taylor
Savannah is described as a "great role model for our younger team athletes, showing up on time, having equipment prepped and ready and warming up prior to training without being asked. This is especily impressive as she and her family come in from out of state each weekend," says former coach Sara Schat.
Her Math Teacher points out that "Savannah is a great team-mate, hard worker and problem solver. She is the poster child of the growth mindset that allows her to create a love of learning and a resilience that is essentail for great accomplishment."
Savannah declares that sleeping in is considered 6am as she has dedicated her life to her athletic success and physical fitness. She is an avid Cross Country runner for her school along with her Ski Racing training. Savannah qualified for U16 Regional Championships during the 2020 season and has a goal of qualifing again in 2021 as she prepares to race FIS in the 2022 season. To do this she plans on focusing on improving her technique and becoming more agressive in her skiing.
Savannah is 2nd year U16 with the Snow Summit Race Team in Big Bear Lake, Ca

Ryan Herhusky
Ryan is described as one that "displays a desire to be a life-long learner; he exhibits supportive and epathetic behaviour in group settings and rarely focuses on himself for very long; he shows gratitude at every turn and shows respcet to teammates, mentors and competitors alike," says coach Brad Saxe.
His academic advisor and former U16 coach Andrew Becker states, "he is an incredibly hard worker, is dedicated to doing his best in everything that he starts, and has the ability to maintain focus and perform under pressure to a higher degree than most athletes."
Rayn states, "He loves how unpredictable ski racing is and how it keeps you challenged at every turn." His goals are to lower his Slalom Rank, qualify for US Nationals again and to be selected for a good college team and race NCAA while continuing to try and make the National Team.
Ryan is a 2nd year FIS athlete with the Sugar Bowl Ski Team and Academy.

Congratulations to these two athletes and best wishes to them on the 2021 season!