July 1 - Summer Updates

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Please note that these updates apply to different age classes. If an announcement is age class specific it is noted at the beginning of the item.

1. All schedules are updated and posted on each age class page. Note that all locations and dates are provisional until teh Fall when resorts can evaluate and approve ski racing at their venues during the 20-21 season.

2. New New New:  FIS and US Ski and Snowboard has banned  all fluoronated wax for all athletes.

3. (U14 and under) Passed by US Ski and Snowboard: Application of any type of waxing solution must not be applied at any U14 and under competition race arena. Use of ski preparation benches at any U14 and under competition is not allowed in the race arena.

4. (U12 and under) Passed updated language by US Ski and Snowboard: U12 and younger competitors must use only one pair of skis within the race arena. Parents, coaches or technicians are not allowed to furnish additional pairs of skis for use within the race arena. Non-compliance may results in NPS or depending on circumstances, DSQ. 
This rule applies to all age classes of Tahoe Race Series.

5. (U16 and older) Far West Academic Team: The Far West Academic Team recognizes U16's through Seniors from this past season (19-20), whose GPA for the Spring Semester was a 3.5 or better. The athletes must have been registered as a U16+ Far West athlete during this time. Athletes are invited to send a legible copy of the Spring Report Card to teh FWS office by September 15th in order to be named to the FWS Academic Team. Late applicants are not accepted.

6.  Scholarship announcements will be posted on the FWS website as received so please check back often.

7. (FIS athletes): The Health of Sport Committee has recommended the following:
    No FIS Racing in the Southern Hemisphere for first year FIS athletes
    Start limitations: 25 SL and GS for YOB 05-06; 35 SL and GS for YOB 04

8. Officials: TD updates are now required annually. Fall Convention is scheduled for November 6-8th.

9. Far West Ski Team Criteria can be found by clicking here

10. Far West PACE Team Criteria can be found by clicking here

The Far West Skiing Office is closed during July. Have a great Summer and stay healthy.