Grand Prix Scholarship Winners 2020

Lucy Schram's picture

The Grand Prix series is scored for U19’s as a series to qualify for scholarships to be used for the following season. The places are determined by adding up the total World Cup Points earned during ALL the races listed in the Grand Prix series for that season. Each race is scored by separating the field by gender into U19 classes. Foreign, out of division, current USST and U16 participants in each race are removed and results are sorted by class prior to assigning WCP’s for each race. Athletes must have competed in at least half of the contested Grand Prix races in order to qualify for the scholarships.

Scholarships are available for use during the 20-21 competition season. Congrat!

          1st place – U19 men/women     $1800 Scholarship       Evan Lear                  Ella Freeman

          2nd place – U19 men/women    $900 Scholarship         Caleb Horsch            Kaelin Woodruff

          3rd place – U19 men/women     $600 Scholarship        Theo Forget               Kestrel Sullivan