Far West Masters Scholarship Winners Anncounced

Congratulations to the following athletes that are receiving a 2023 Far West Masters Scholarship.  In return for their scholarship funds, each athlete will be forerunning and speaking at a Masters event during the upcoming season. 
Masters Scholarship Applications open up each June with scholarship applications due by September 15th of each season. If you missed applying this year then make sure you mark your calendar to apply next year.


Aaron Leopold 2007 Sugar Bowl
Addison Koenig 2008 Mammoth
Alison Bohnet 2006 Palisades
Aspen McAuley 2005 Sugar Bowl
Autumn Carpenter 2007 Northstar
Autumn Ellingford Rhodes 2007 Palisades
Ava Bradford 2008 Kirkwood
Ben Bower 2006 Palisades
Bobby Jo Griffin 2005 Palisades
Brighton Hamilton 2009 Palisades
Brynn Hanley 2008 Palisades
Candice Carroll 2007 Sugar Bowl
Carl Cunningham 2010 Palisades
Cassidy Pearson 2008 Palisades
Charles Zaretsky 2006 Palisades
Cody Masterson 2005 Sugar Bowl
Curtis Edmunds 2007 Palisades
Eric Hudson 2006 Palisades
Esme Roberts 2007 Palisades
Etienne Dollar 2004 Palisades
Evelyn Tebb 2004 Palisades
Evi Barber 2006 Northstar
Jack Lackey 2005 Mammoth
Jacob Brown 2006 Mt Rose
Julia Cunningham 2007 Palisades
Kash Vankirk 2008 Kirkwood
Kole Cronin 2007 Palisades
Luca Peterson 2008 Palisades
Meghan Hughes 2005 Palisades
Nolan Smith 2007 Palisades
Prince Ilano 2006 Palisades
Regan Clute 2006 Palisades
Rhett Lindsey 2005 Palisades
Ryan Wilson 2006 Palisades
Siduri Dunning 2007 Palisades
Sophia Lee 2008 Mt Rose
Tatum Akers 2006 Palisades
Thomas Denton 2005 Sky Tavern
Tyne Beckwith 2006 Palisades
Zach Beevor 2007 Sugar Bowl