Far West Masters Scholarship Program Fundraising

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The Far West Masters Scholarship Program is now in our 29th year of raising funds to benefit Far West Junior ski racers. Over that time period we have awarded more than $1,000,000 in scholarship funds. There is no overhead. We are an incorporated 501(c)(3) public charity tax exempt organization. Our goal is to promote academic scholarship, citizenship and leadership within the ski racing community. It is also our goal to keep athletes involved in ski racing that might not otherwise have a chance without our financial support. We believe keeping athletes involved in ski racing keeps them focused, teaches discipline and helps them to be successful in the rest of their life endeavors.

We have some items that have been donated by Far West Ski Team Alumni as well as our local ski shops that are available for purchase to support our program. Additionally we have some helmets, stealth gear and speed skis that are available at no cost to any Far West athlete that is in need of this equipment. Please contact Eddie Mozen at [email protected] if you are interested in purchasing or obtaining any of these items. The pictures of these items are modeled by a 5’11”, 155 pounder to give an idea of size…(Most of the sizes are little smaller than listed). 

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1)Dainese Yellow heavy weight parka. New. Size XS.  $50
2)US Ski Team Heavy down jacket. New. Size XL.   $250
3)US Ski Team Heavy shell parka. New. Size XL. $200
4)US Ski Team light weight down parka. New. size XL.  $150
5)US Ski Team Womens pink lightly padded Parka (used once by Stacey Cook) size 14.   $200
6)Rain parka size large.  $75
7)US Olympic Team 2016 hybrid pullover. New. Size L.  $100
8)US Olympic Team 2010 Polo sweater. New. Size M-L.  $50
9)US Ski Team Downhill suit. New. (Thanks Stacey Cook!). womens size small.  $300
10)Sweet GS helmet size s/m New. $100

We also have for giveaway for use of any Far West Athlete:
Helmets….some new, some used
POC-GS size medium
Uvex Sl helmet large
Uvex SL helmet small
Dianese Sl helmet medium
Shred Sl helmet large
Stealth undergarmets and training shorts…
Upper stealth…size small
Lower stealth…size small and medium
Training shorts… size small and large

Speed skis. All with bindings (these are best for U-16s or Masters as they are not current FIS approved)
Rossi DH 212cm
Atomic DH 210cm
Atomic DH/SG 212cm
Rossi SG 201cm
Atomic SG 195cm

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