Far West Board of Directors - Open Seats

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The role of the FWBOD is to direct and oversee the administrative and operating functions of Far West Skiing. The FWBOD is responsible for conducting the business of FWS. The FWBOD, in meeting the rules of U.S. Ski & Snowboard, has responsibility to:

  1. Provide support in interpreting U.S. Ski & Snowboard parameters.
  2. Provide administrative support for FWS financial and functional needs.

Elected members to the Far West Skiing Board of Directors must be members in good standing with US Ski and Snowboard. Any interested party in one of the open positions below will need to submit a letter of interest and a bio, including background, and qualifications for this position.  Please submit letters of Interest by August 1, 2020.

At this time the Far West Board has the following seats open:
North Rep:
Because of its large geographical size, FWS is divided into three subdivisions, North, Central and South. These FWBOD positions represent the interests of the three subdivisions. FWBOD members holding these seats assume additional duties as may be necessary or assigned by the FWBOD or President.

Athlete Rep
The FWBOD maintains two athlete representatives at all times. The duties of the athlete reps are to bring forth athlete issues, insight and communication between the board and ski racing community. At least one athlete representative must be a current competing athlete.

Communications Chair
Under the direct supervision of the FW Executive Board and in coordination with the current administrator, the Communications & Public Relations Officer has the following responsibilities.

  1. To be responsible for setting annual communication targets, contributing to, and monitoring of their implementation through all realms of media; 
  2. produce and disseminate materials for communicating information about Far West and its programs;
  3. coordinate the content of press releases and outreach communications; and
  4. maintain updated photo library and database of media related contacts;
  5. To report on the progress of the communication work plan including the coordination of the delivery of its outputs;
  6. With direction and consultation for the FWBOD, the President of Far West should be the primary spokesperson at conferences, seminars and other media and or policy events. The CPRC will act as a back in cases where appropriate and directed by the FWBOD;  
  7. To review and monitor on progress of outreach opportunities and take appropriate follow up actions;
  8. Contribute to the planning of and arrangements for FW events, in particular regarding the design and production of printed and marketing materials;
  9. Carry out any duties assigned by the Executive Board.

Fundraising Chair
This position is charged with seeking to raise funds for FWS. The Fundraising Chair develops and implements a program of corporate and/or individual sponsorships of FWS activities, plans and carries out other fundraising activities, and/or other projects or events as requested by the FWBOD, including marketing, advertising and outreach.