Calendar Updates 1.13.2021

Lucy Schram's picture

The Far West Race Organizers and Alpine Competition Committee meet weekly to work on the calendar and status of racing. There are many factors that play into these decisions and hope that it will get easier in the future to bring racing, as we have known it, back to the Far West Division. Not only are we working through COVID restrictions but snow conditions, too.

Today we announce:
U14 Slaloms at Sugar Bowl (Jan 29-Feb 1) cannot be hosted on the current dates and new dates will be announced soon.
U16 and Older GS at Squaw (Jan 29-Feb 1) we will have final information posted on Friday, January 15th regarding this event.

Our age class committees are currently addressing racing during the first weeks of February too and will bring forth information as soon as decisions are finalized.
Thank you for your patience.

Be safe and stay healthy.