Alpine Competition Committee

Alpine Competition Committee
ACC Chair   ACC Vice Chair   Secretary
Beat Hupfer   Mike Ginsberg   Eric Garayoa
tel: 760.934.0642 work   cell: 530.448.3445    
cell: 760.914.0348    email: [email protected]    tel: 530.356.5015
email: [email protected]       email: [email protected]
U21/U19 Chair   U16 Chair   U14 Chair
Mike Ginsberg   Lindsay Dowd   Jim Hudson
tel: 530.448.3445   tel: 530.807.7523   tel: 530.412.2954
email: [email protected]   email: [email protected]   email:[email protected]
U12 Chair   U10 Chair   Officials Chair
Carl Underkoffler   Kristin Cooksey   Jordan Stone
tel:    tel: 530.807.7692   tel: 
email: [email protected]   email:[email protected]   email: [email protected]
    At Large North   At Large Central
    Eric Harlow   Nick Shawkey
    tel: 978.886.5148   tel: 
    email:[email protected]   email:[email protected]
At Large South
  Resort Rep   Coaches Chair
Evan Williams   Kyle Crezee   Chuck Harris
tel:   tel: 530.308.5128 cell   tel: 775.762.4016 cell
email: [email protected]   email: [email protected]   email: [email protected]
Academic Chair   Tahoe League Chair   Athlete Rep
Aaron Atkins   Jim Reilly   Marco Sullivan
tel: 530.386.3626   tel: 408.497.6622   email: [email protected]
email: [email protected]   mail: [email protected]  
        Athlete Rep
        Sierra Kim
        email: [email protected]

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