2022 Far West Annual Awards

Far West Skiing would like to recognize the following athletes, officials, coaches and volunteers for their hard work and commitment on the hill, in the office, off the hill and wherever they get it done. Each of you have earned recognition and we congratulate you!
Thank you for your hard work and support!!

Awarded during their Championships Events
U10 Championships
Richmond Cup Winners Hadley Rhodes and Sam Mogari
Jeff Todd Cup (Sportsmanship Award): Olivia Kamp
Maurey Rasmussen Cup (Overall Team): Team Palisades Tahoe

U12 Championships:
Allan Cup Winners: Senna Jarvis and Asher Kinsman
Marco Sullivan: Lillian Gordon
Poulson(Overall Team): Team Palisades Tahoe

U14 Championships:
McKinney Cup: Sam Milne
Rahlves Cup: Luca Peterson
Andy Mead Lawrence Cup (Sportsmanship): Sam Milne
Cushing Cup (Overall Team): Team Palisades Tahoe


Special Awards
Jill Kinmont 
was an up and coming ski racer out of the Mammoth area in the 1950’s. The Jill Kinmont award recognizes the outstanding performance from an athlete in the SR age class, YOB 1997 and older.
Bryce Bennett


Jinny Glass award recognizes the outstanding performance from an athlete in the U18/U21 age class
Allison Mollin 
David Morken


Bobby Mehrhof was a member of the Mammoth Mountain Ski Team that enjoyed ski racing throughout his life. The Bobby Mehrhof award recognizes the outstanding performance from an athlete in the U16 age class
Tatum Akers
Charles Zaretsky


Bill Mackay Award recognizes an outstanding race organizer and organizing committee for the current season.
Palisades Tahoe

Dave McCoy award recognizes the most outstanding coach for the current season.
Jim Hudson

Stanley Walton Award recognizes an outstanding official for the current season.
Lucy Conklin

Far West Volunteer of the Year
Barbara Mozen