Far West Award Recipients

The Far West Region is fortunate to have a number of entities which promote Alpine Skiing, some as memorials for friends and family, others are a reflection of dedication to the sport. Below we provide a timeline of recipients and their awards.

  2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013
Allan Cup Lylah Kelly Carly Hamilton Emma Speiser Georgia Sege Georgie Sullivan Kaelin Woodruff
  Eric Hudson Nate Williams Toby Gajar Michael Puchkov Guthrie Goss Liam Gooch
Marco Sullivan Cup Lanie Williams Piper McCartney        
Poulson Cup Squaw Valley Squaw Valley         
Richmond Cup Lara Huml Autumn Ellingford Piper Wilkison Carly Hamilton Emma Speiser Julia Holm
  Neils Day Oscar Whelan Duncan Davis Gino Luchetti Nickco Palamaras Seth Madero
Jeff Todd  Caroline Ehrman Laura Huml Sophie Spokes Jordan Whistler Jacob Nguyen Nikki Sadat
Maurey Rasmussen Cup Northstar Squaw Valley Squaw Valley  Squaw Valley  Squaw Valley Squaw Valley 
McKinney Cup Kacey Benjaminson Zoe Huml Shannon Watridge Zazie Huml Belle Johnson Keely Cashman
Rahlves Cup Karsten Hart Ryan Herhusky Max Kelly   Seth Tyler Olivieri Max Wingard
Andy Mead Lawrence Cup   Jett Simunaci Norm Kitching   Cody Jayne Lachlan Anderson
Cushing Cup Squaw Valley  Squaw Valley  Squaw Valley    Mammoth Mountain Ski Team Squaw Valley Ski Team
Bobby Mehrhof   Zazie Huml AJ Hurt Not Awarded Maureen Lebel Maia Bickert
    Matthew Smallhouse Payton Norton Not Awarded JP Fourie Michael Cooper
Jinny Glass   Maureen Lebel Maureen Lebel Not Awarded Natalie Riffel Lila Lapanja
    Alex Colby and Calvin Wilson Erik Arvidsson Not Awarded Erik Arvidsson Erik Arvidsson
Jill Kinmont   Stacey Cook Stacey Cook Not Awarded Julia Mancuso Julia Mancuso
    Bryce Bennett Marco Sullivan Not Awarded Travis Ganong Travis Ganong
        Not Awarded    
Stanley Walton   Jenn Ragan Lucy Schram Not Awarded Mike Ginsberg Lucy Schram
Bill Mackay   Mammoth, Northstar and Squaw Alpine and Northstar Not Awarded Alpine Meadows Squaw Valley  
Far West Volunteer of the Year   Not Awarded Karen and Mike Rodarte Not Awarded Team Abbott Nancy Dodge
Dave McCoy   Oliver Russell Will Colt Not Awarded Brad Saxe John Cashman
Dave Van Ruiten   awarded in the Fall Luke Rodarte Tenaya Standteiner Addison Dvoracek Garret Driller


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